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Roxy Moates & Bill Larson, March 2015
Ring My Bell by Enrique Iglesias. CD: Insomniac - 3:55 (114 bpm)
Weight on Left, Start 32 counts on vocals - Turning CCW - V1 03.03.15

Intro: Step 1/4 Turn Step Recover, Ball Step Drag Back Rock
1,2Step R forward, turning 1/4 turn L, Recover weight on L (9:00)
3,4Step R forward, Recover weight onto L
&5,6Step R beside L, Big step L to side, Drag R up beside L
7,8Step back onto R, Recover weight forward onto L
Repeat 3x to start dance facing 12:00

S1. Cross Back Side Shuffle Forward, Step Pivot Shuffle Forward
1,2,3Cross / Step R over L, Step back on L, Step R to right side
4&5Shuffle forward: Stepping L,R,L
6,7Step R forward, Pivot turn 1/2 turn L keep weight onto R (6:00)
8&1Shuffle forward: Stepping L,R,L

S2. Forward Rock Coaster Step, Step 1/4 Turn Cross Turn Turn
2,3Step forward on R, Recover weight back onto L
4&5Coaster Step: Step back on R, Step L beside R, Step forward on R
6,7Step forward on L, turning 1/4 R, Rock weight onto R (9:00)
8&1Cross / Step L over R, turning 1/4 L, Step back on R (6:00), turning 1/4 L, Big step L to side (3:00)

S3. Back Rock Shuffle Forward, Hold Recover Back Turn Touch
2,3Step back on R, Recover weight forward onto L
4&5Shuffle forward: Stepping R,L,R
6,7Hold rolling weight forward over R foot, Recover weight back onto L
8&1Step back onto R, turning 1/4 L, Step L to side (12:00), Touch / Point R to side

S4. Hold Ball Cross Hold Ball Cross, Side Recover Behind Turn Step
2&3Hold, Step R slightly behind L, Cross / Step L over R
4&5Hold, Step R slightly behind L, Cross / Step L over R
6,7Rock / Sway R to side, Rock / Sway weight onto L
8&1Step R behind L, Step L forward into left corner (11:00), Step forward onto R

S5. Hold Pivot Hold Shuffle Turn, Step Unwind, Forward Rock, Full Turn Back, Step Cross Step
2,3,4Hold, Pivot 1/2 turn L (5:00), Hold
5&6turning 1/4 turn L, Step R to side (2:00), turning 1/4 turn L, Step L beside R (11:00), Step back on R
7,8turning 1/2 turn L, Step L forward (5:00), Step forward onto R

S6. Rock Sweep Sailor Cross, Step Drag Ball Cross Sweep
1,2Recover weight onto L, Sweep R foot in an arc to the side while turning R to face 9:00
3&4Step R behind L, Step L to side, Cross / Step R over L
5,6Big step L to side, Drag R up to L
&7Step R slightly behind L, Cross / Step L over R
8Sweep R to the side then forward (lifting the foot in preparation to start again)

Tag: After wall 4 (facing 12:00) Repeat 2 sets of the 8 Count intro to restart the dance (now facing 6:00)

(email: bill_larson@hotmail.com / allstarroxie@hotmail.com )

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