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Lam Lam (HK) - February 2015
In Your Pocket - Maroon 5 : (iPhone lyric video)
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Intro : 32 counts

Tag : At the end of wall 5, add 4 counts Tag. Rocking chair on R
1 2 3 4Rock fwd on R, recover on L, rock back on R, recover weight fwd on L

Ending: On wall 7, on count 32, 1/4R cross R over L end.

(1-8) Fwd rock, shuffle 1/2R, step pivot 1/2R, kick ball change
1 2 3&4Rock fwd on R(1), recover on L(2), 1/4R step R to side(3), step L beside R(&), 1/4R step fwd on R(4)
5 6 7&8Step fwd on L(5), pivot 1/2R (6), kick L fwd(7), step L down on ball(&),step R slightly fwd(8) 12:00

(9-16) Cross, point, X3, 1/4R step R & flick L back, step L
1 2 3 4Cross L over R(1), point R out to side(2), cross R over L(3), point L out
5 6 7 8to side(4), cross L over R(5), point R out to side(6), 1/4R step R down & flick L backwards(7), step fwd on L(8) 3:00

(17-24) Fwd rock & 1/4L, step fwd R, full turn R, fwd rock
1 2&3 4Rock fwd on R(1), recover on L(2), step together with R(&), 1/4L step L to side(3), step fwd on R(4)
5 6 7 81/2R step back on L(5), 1/2R step R fwd(6), rock fwd on L(7), recover back on R(8) 12:00

(25-32) Chasse 1/4L, fwd rock, back, coaster step, fwd
1&2 3 4Step L to side(1), step R beside L(&), 1/4L step L fwd(2), rock fwd on R(3), recover back on L(4),
5 6&7 8step R back(5), step back on L(6), step together with R(&), step L fwd(7), step R fwd(8) 9:00

(33-40) Cross, back, shuffle 1/2L, fwd rock, 1/2R, 1/2R
1 2 3&4Cross L over R(1), step back on R(2), 1/4L step L to side(3), step R beside L(&), 1/4L step fwd on L(4)
5 6 7 8Rock fwd on R(5),recover on L(6), 1/2R step fwd on R(7), 1/2R step back on L(8) 3:00

(41-48) 1/4R side rock & side rock, 1/4L back rock, 3/4 turn R
1 2&3 41/4R rock R to side(1), recover on L(2), step together with R(&),rock L to side(3), recover on R(4)
5 6 7 81/4L rock back on L(5), recover on R(6), 1/4R step L to side(7), 1/2R step R to side(8) 12:00

(49-56) Cross rock, side shuffle, cross, 1/4R, 1/4R, cross
1 2 3&4Cross rock L over R(1),recover on R(2), step L to side(3), step R beside L(&), step L to side(4)
5 6 7 8Cross R over L(5), 1/4R step back on L(6), 1/4R step R to side(7), cross L over R(8) 6:00

(57-64) Cross, sweep, cross, back, tog, R fwd rock & L fwd rock, tog
1 2&3 4Cross R over L(1), sweep L round to front(2), cross L over R(&), step back on R(3), step together with L(4)
5&6Rock fwd on R(5), recover back on L(&), step together with R(6)
7&8Rock fwd on L(7), recover back on R(&), step together with L(8) 6:00



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