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Istimewa (Special)
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Terlalu Istimewa by Adibah Noor
Note: This dance is specially choreographed for the Kiwanis charity event “Dance For the Children’s Smile” to raise funds and create awareness for Maternal-Neonatal Tetanus worldwide.
The song “Terlalu Istimewa” was chosen as it reflects on the emotions of losing a child.

Start dance after 2x8’s.

SET 1: L Basic NC, ¼R Sweep, ½L Sweep, Syncopated Jazz Box, ¼L Facing
1Step LF to L 12:00
2&3Step RF behind LF, Cross LF over RF, ¼R stepping RF fwd and sweep LF to front 3:00
4&5Cross LF in front of RF, ¼L step back on RF, ¼L step LF fwd and sweep RF to front 9:00
6Cross RF in front of LF 9:00
7&8&Step diag L back on LF, Step RF diag back R, Cross LF over RF, ¼L step RF diag back 6:00

SET 2: : L Basic NC, R Basic NC, Point L to L, ½L Monterey, Side Rock Cross, ½R Hinge Turn
1Step LF to L 6:00
2&3Step RF behind LF, Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R 6:00
4&5Step LF behind RF, Cross RF over LF, Point LF to L 6:00
6&7½L close LF next to RF, Rock RF to R, Recover on LF 12:00
&8&Cross RF over LF, ¼R step back on LF, ¼R rock RF to R 6:00

SET 3: Sway to L, Sway to R, Weave R, Half Diamond Fallaway, Fwd, ½R Pivot, ½R Pivot
1-2Step LF to L and sway to L, Sway to R *Restart Here on Walls 3 and 5. 6:00
3&4Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R, 1/8L Step LF back 4:30
&5Step RF back, 1/8L Step LF to L 3:00
6Step RF fwd 1:30
7&8&Step LF fwd, ½R pivot step on RF, Step LF fwd, ½R pivot step on RF 1:30

SET 4: Run Run Lunge (lift), Back Back Side, Fwd, Pivot ¾L, R Basic NC, Sway, Sway
1&2Step LF fwd, Step RF fwd, Lunge LF (lift RF back – arabesque) 1:30
3&Step RF back, Step LF back 1:30
4-5Step RF to R, Step LF fwd 3:00
6&7Step RF fwd, ½L pivot stepping on LF, ¼L taking big step to R 6:00
8&Step LF behind RF, Cross RF over LF 6:00
9-10Sway to L, Sway to R 6:00

Start Again

Phrasing: 34, 34, Tag1, 18, 34, 18, Tag2, 34, Tag 2, Ending

Tag 1 (After Wall 2):
1Step LF to L 12:00
2&3Step RF behind LF, Cross LF over RF, ¼R stepping RF fwd 3:00
4&Step LF fwd, ¾R Pivot stepping on RF 12:00
5-6Sway to L, Sway to R 12:00

Tag 2 (After Walls 5 and 6):
1-2Sway to L, Sway to R, 6:00

Ending: Dance until Set 2 count &7& (R side rock cross) and add
8&1Rock LF to L, Recover on R, Cross LF over RF

Contact: +6017 282 6565 - URL: www.hotlinerz.com - email: hotlinerz@gmail.com
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