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It Feels Good

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Low Intermediate
Autumn Walkinhood & Paula Frohn (USA) - June 2018
It Feels Good - Drake White
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Starts on vocals.

Two Wizard Steps Forward, Heel Switches, R Toe Back, Pivot ½ R
1-2&Step R foot forward diagonally right, cross L foot behind R foot, step R foot forward diagonal right
3-4&Step L foot forward diagonally left, cross R foot behind L foot, step L foot forward diagonally left
5&6&Touch R heel forward, step R next to L, step L heel forward, step L next to R
7-8Touch R toe back, pivot ½ turn R with weight on R (facing 6:00)

Step, Kick, R Coaster Step, Rock, Recover, ½ turn L with L Shuffle
9-10Step forward L, kick R foot forward
11&12Step R foot back, step L next to R, step R foot forward
13-14Rock forward L, recover R
15-16Turn ½ L while shuffling forward L-R-L (facing 12:00)
Restart in 3rd set, after 16 cts, will be facing 6:00!

Turn ¼ Left, Vine RT, Touch & Clap, Full Turn Left, Clap, Clap & Touch
17-20Turn ¼ L, step R foot side, cross L foot behind R foot, step L foot side, touch L toe next to R foot & clap (facing 3:00)
21-22Turn ¼ L, step L foot forward; turn ½ L, step R foot back
23-24Turn ¼ L, step L foot to side, clap, touch R toe next to L foot & clap (facing 3:00)

Toe-Heel-Stomps Forward- R Then L, Jazz Box
25&26Touch R toe to instep of L foot, touch R heel to instep of L foot, stomp R foot forward
27&28Touch L toe to instep of R foot, touch L heel to instep of R foot, stomp L foot forward
29-32Cross R foot in front L foot, step L foot back, step R foot to side, step L foot forward

Start over!

For a finished ending to face starting wall, turn ¼ right when making Jazz Box.

*Simple Variations to 25-28, Two Toe Struts
Touch R toe forward, lower R heel down, touch L toe forward, lower L heel down



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