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It's A Young World

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Kenny Teh (MY) - June 2016
Young World by Ricky Nelson
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Start dance after 16 counts on vocals:

Step L, Kick R, Step R, Cross L over R, Step R, Kick L, Step L, Cross R over L
1 2 3 4Step left, kick/scuff right facing 1.30, step right to right, cross left over right
5 6 7 8Step right, kick/scuff left facing 10.30, step left to left, cross right over left

Step L, Ronde R, ¾ turn R stepping RLR, hold, ½ turn L step L back, Step R back
1 2 3 4Step left, sweep right from front to back, making a ¾ right turn stepping RL (9.00)
5 6 7 8Step right forward, hold, step left forward making ½ left turn (3.00), step right back

Step L back, hold, Rock RLR, hold, Full turn R on LR
1 2 3 4Step left back, hold, rock right forward, rock left back
5 6 7 8Rock right forward, hold, ½ right turn step left back (9.00), ½ right turn step right forward (3.00)

Step L fwd, ronde R, Cross R over L, ¼ turn R Step L back, Big Step R, Drag L, Step L together, Step R together
1 2 3 4Step left forward, sweep right from back to front, cross right over left, ¼ right turn (6.00) step left back
5 6 7 8Big step right to right, drag left to right, step left beside right, step right beside left



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