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It's All for You

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High Intermediate NC
Paul Snooke (AUS) - November 2019
Hypnotised - Years & Years
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Intro: Starts on lyrics 0:19 seconds into the track

S1: L Forward & Full Turn Pencil, R Forward, 1/4 L Forward, 1/4 R Forward & Sweep L, L Cross, R Side, L Behind & Sweep R, R Behind, ¼ L Forward, R Side, Hands to Face
1-2&Step LF forward & full turn pencil on LF while hooking R, Step RF forward, Turn 1/4 R & step LF forward [3:00]
3-4&Turn 1/4 R & step RF forward sweeping LF around in front of R, Cross LF over R, Step RF to R side [6:00]
5-6&Cross LF behind R & sweep RF around behind L, Cross RF behind L, Turn 1/4 L & step LF forward [3:00]
7-8Step RF to R side, Both hands run slowly up your body and touch each cheek
RESTART: Walls 4 will restart after count 8. You will be facing the side wall (3 o’çlock). The dance will need to restart to the front wall. From the side position, complete a 3/4 pencil turn on count 1, then continue on with count 2. There will be a video teach online for visual confirmation.

S2: R Lunge, 1/4 L Forward & sweep, R Cross, L Back, 1/2 R Forward, 1/2 L Back, 1/2 R Forward into a Forward Coaster, L Back, R Cross, 1/2 Unwind
1-2Bend R knee into a lunge, Turn 1/4 L & step LF forward sweeping RF around in front of L [12:00]
3&4&Cross RF over L, Step LF back, Turn 1/2 R & step RF forward, Turn 1/2 R & step LF back [12:00]
5&6&Turn 1/2 R & step RF forward, Step LF together, Step RF back (coaster), Step LF back [6:00]
7-8Cross RF over L, Unwind 1/2 L with weight on RF [12:00]
RESTART: Walls 2 & 7 will restart after count 16. You will be facing the back wall and then the front respectively

S3: L Side & Drag R, 1/8 R Back, L Back, 1/8 R Side, L Cross, 3/4 Unwind, L Forward, 1/2 R Back, 1/2 L Forward, R Forward & Point L Toe, 1/2 L Forward, 1/4 R Side
1- 2&Step LF to L side dragging R toe, Turn 1/8 R & step RF back, Step LF back [1:30]
3-4&Turn 1/8 R & step RF to R side, Cross LF over RF, Unwind 3/4 with weight on RF [12:00]
5-6&Step LF forward, Turn 1/2 L & step RF back, Turn 1/2 L & step LF forward [12:00]
7-8&Step RF forward & push L toe back, Turn 1/2 L & step LF forward, Turn 1/4 L & step RF to R side [3:00]

S4: L Back/Rock, Recover, L Side, R Back/Rock, Recover, R Side, L Behind, 3/4 Unwind & R Hand Raise, R Back & R Heart, L Back & L Heart, R Together
1-2&Step/Rock LF back on R diagonal, Recover weight to RF, Step LF to L side
3-4&Step/Rock RF back on L diagonal, Recover weight to LF, Step RF to R side
5-6Cross LF behind RF, Unwind 3/4 L with weight on LF & raise R hand up in front palm up [6:00]
7-8&Step RF back & R hand over heart, Step LF back & L hand over other hand on your heart, Step RF together & drop hands slowly

Contact Info:
Paul Snooke (AUS)
Last updated on 11 November 2019
Last Site update - 13 Nov. 2019


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