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It's All In You

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Jessica Wegmann (July 2016)
All in You by Synapson feat. Anna Kova (iTunes)
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Intro : 16 counts, dance begins on vocal « I talk for a reason ».

[1-8] Walks Fwd x2, Cross Scissor Step, Cross, ¼ turn L Step, Rolling vine
1-2Walk R forward, Walk L forward
3&4Cross R over, Step L to L side, Close R next to L
5-6Cross L over, Step R backward ¼ turn L
7-8½ turn left stepping L, ½ turn left stepping R backward (9 o’clock)

[9-16] Body Rolls Stepping Back x2, Coaster Step, Full Spiral Turn
1-2Touch L backward doing a body roll from up (head), Step L down finishing body roll down (hips)
3-4Touch R backward doing a body roll from up (head), Step R down finishing body roll down (hips)
5-6Step L backward, Close R next to L
7-8Step L forward, Full Spiral Turn

[17-24] Crossing Shuffle Making a ½ turn R, Double Hitch x2, ½ turn L Hitch R, Down
1&2Cross R over, Step L to left side, Cross R over (making a ½ turn L to face 6 o’clock)
3&4Hitch L up, side slightly up, touch
5&6Hitch L up, side slightly up, down
7-8½ turn left Hitching R up down

[25-32] Behind, ¼ turn R, Step , ½ Pivot turn R, Dorothy Steps x2, Out
1-2Step L behind R, ¼ turn R stepping R forward
3-4Step L forward, ½ pivot R stepping R forward
5&6Step L forward slightly diagonal left, Lock R behind, Step L to L Side
&7&8Step R forward slightly diagonal right, Lock L behind, Step R out to R side, Step L out to L side.
Restart on wall 3 facing 9 o’clock, the original 9 o’clock wall now becomes your new home wall.

[33-40] Pop Knees, ¼ turn R twist, Heels down, Pop Knees, ½ turn L, Heels down, Kick, ¼ turn R Monterey
1&2Pop knees lifting heels up, Twist them ¼ turn R, Heels down (turn head to the R).
3&4Pop knees lifting heels up, Twist them ½ turn L, Heels down weight on R (6 o’clock)
5-6Kick L, Step L down
7-8Touch R to R side, ¼ turn R Closing R next to L

[41-48] ¼ turn L Monterey Hook L, Step L, Lock R, Full turn, Sweeps x2, Step, Hitch
1-2Touch L to L side, ¼ turn L Hooking L over R
&3-4Step L forward, Lock R behind, full turn (6 o‘clock)
5-6Sweep R from back to front stepping L forward, Sweep L from Back to front stepping R forward
7-8Step L forward, Hitch R knee up



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