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It's Cold
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Angie Ng & Students (Feb.2012)
It's Cold by Song Ji Eun (Korean Song)
16 Count Intro.

Press Right Forward, Recover L ¼ R Cross,1/4L x 2,Side Rock Cross Side,Back Rock Side
1,2&3Press forward on R bend at knee, Recover onto L, Step R beside L 1/4R, Step L over R
4&5Step R back 1/4 L, Step 1/4 L to L side, Cross R over L
6&7&Step L to L, Recover weight to R, Step Over R, Step R to R
8&1Rock L diagonally back , Recover weight to R, Step L to L. (9.00)

R Sailor ½ Turn Right, Left Forward Mambo, Right Back Coaster,Step Forward L 1/2R
2&3Sweep Step R behind L, 1/2R Step onto L, Step R to side
4&5Step L Forward, Recover weight to R, Step L back
6&7Step R back, Step L beside R, Step R Forward
8, 1Step L Forward, Make 1/2R with weight on R (9.00)

Sweep L 1/4 R Step Forward L, , R Forward Lock Step,Touch L Kick,L Back 1/2R
2, 3Sweep L Foot with a 1/4 R ,Step L Forward
4&5Step R Forward, Lock L behind R, Step R Forward
6, 7L Touch next to R (bend both knees), Kick L Forward (straighthen knees)
8&1Step L back, 1/2R Forward, Step L Forward (6 .00)

R Diagonally Forward, Recover, Behind Side Cross, Sway Sway, L Chasse
2, 3Press Step R diagonally Forward, Recover onto L
4&5Step R behind L, Step L to side, Cross R over L
6,7Sway L , Sway R
8&1L side Chasse (6.00)

Cross R Over Unwind 3/4L, L Sailor, R Forward Lock Step, L Forward Rock 1/2L
2, 3Cross R over L, Unwind 3/4L weight on R
4&5L Sweep , Step L behind R, Step R to R, Step L to L
6&7Step R Forward, Lock step L behind R, Step R Forward
&8&1Step L Forward, Recover onto R, ½ L stepping L Forward, step R to R side (3.00)

Left Back Rock ,1/4R x2 Left Cross, Recover 1/4R, 1/4R Chasse
2, 3Rock L behind R, Recover onto R
4&5¼ R stepping L back, 1/4R stepping R to side,Cross Step L Over Right
6&7Recover R, Step L to side, Cross Right Over L
&8&1 1/4R step L back, 1/4R side chasse (3.00)
**Restart on Wall 2, chasse 8& 1 with 1/4R turn to face 12.00 o clock

L Back Lock Step, R Back Lock Step, Shuffle 1/2L, Pivot 1/4L Cross
2&3Step L back, Lock R over L, Step L back
4&5Step R back, Lock L over R, Step R back
6&7 1/2L stepping L forward, Step R together, Step L forward
8&1Step R Forward, Pivot 1/4L , Cross s R Over L (6.00)

L Back Side Cross, R Back Side Cross, Full R Turn, Sway R L
2&3Step L back diagonally L, Step R to side, Cross L over R
4&5Recover weight onto R, Step L to side, Cross R over L
6&7Step L back 1/4R, 1/2R step R forward, Step L 1/4R to side
8&Sway R, L (6.00)

TAG: End of Wall 4 - 4 Counts Sway R L R L

Ending : After section 6, on wall 5 continue with L back lock step, and R back 1/4L to face front…..

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