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It's Cuba

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Jhon Batin (INA), December 2018
Orishas "Represent Cuba" (feat. Heather Headley)
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* 1 Restart on wall 5 ( 8 count ) after 8&

Sec 1: Cross Rock, Side Chasse, Back Rock, Step Lock fwd
1-2-3Step R to side, cross L over R, recover on R
4&5Step L to left side, step R beside L, step L to left side
6-7Step R backward, recover on L
8&Step R forward, cross L behind R

Sec 2: Step Forward, Sway Bumps, Step Lock Step fwd, ½ Turn Left, Stepping
1-2-3Step R forward, step L forward, Bumps sway to right-left, step R inplace
4&5Step L forward, cross R behind L, step L forward
6-7Step R forward, making ½ turn left (6:00)
8&R-L stepping forward

Sec 3: Side Rock, Back Rock, Step Lock Step fwd
1-2&Step R to right side, recover on L, step R beside L
3-4&Step L to left side, recover on R, step L beside R
5-6Step R back, recover on L
7&8Step R forward, cross L behind R, step R forward

Sec 4: Paddle 1/8 Turn, Cross, Step Back, Coaster Step
1-2Step L to side, turn 1/8 left take weight onto L (1:30)
3-4Step L to side, turn 1/8 left take weight onto L (3:00)
5-6Cross L over R, step R backward
7&8Step L back, step R back close beside L, step L forward

Have fun & enjoy.. !

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peter706 January 12, 2019
I taught this last night and it was one of the best received dances by my students in a long time. Unusual but wonderful rhythm. Thank you Jhon for creating this dance.

Jhon Batin January 15, 2019
Hi Peter.. Thank you for your compliment. I am very happy that you like my dance.

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