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It's Go Time

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Fred Whitehouse (IRE) & Shane McKeever (N.IRE) - March 2021
Tick Tick Boom (feat. BygTwo3) - Sage the Gemini
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Intro: 32 counts from start of track (app. 14 secs into track). Start with weight on L foot
Sequence: AB, Tag 1, AB, A (28), Tag 1, A (28), Tag 2, B, A (28), Tag 1.
**2 tags: Tags described at bottom of page
Ending: When doing Tag 1 the last time you do that facing 12:00 ...

A Part: 48 counts/2 walls (the A part always happens facing 12:00 or 6:00)
[1 - 8] Scuff out out, R knee pop, recover R, & point R&L, roll R arm down/up & lifting R leg
1&2Scuff R fwd (1), step R out to R side (&), step L out to L side (2) 12:00
3 - 4Pop R knee in changing weight to L (3), recover on R bringing knee back to neutral (4) 12:00
&5&6Step L next to R (&), point R to R side (5), step R next to L (&), point L to L side (6) 12:00
7 - 8Change weight to L with L leg bent & make an arm wave with R hand pushing it down (7), push R hand/arm up to L corner straightening in L knee lifting R leg out to R side (8) 12:00

[9 - 16] Recover on R foot, ¼ R (arms), drop R arm, extend L arm, ¼ L, up down, skate LR
1 - 2Recover on R again swinging R arm down and towards R (1), turn both feet ¼ R onto R foot (2) ... 3:00
Arm styling for count 2: bend L elbow with L hand in front of chest and palm facing down. Bend R elbow at a 90 degree angle with R hand pointing up and palm facing L to 12:00. Your R elbow should rest on the top of your L hand
3 - 4Drop R hand/arm down onto L arm (3), extend L arm fwd (4) 3:00
5&6Slide R hand down L arm ending with R hand on top of L and with both elbows bent AND at the same time you turn ¼ L in your feet ending with split weight and knees slightly bent (5), push arms down and straighten your knees raising up on balls of feet (&), arms go up to chest level again and bend in your knees again as you step down on flat feet again (6) 12:00
7 - 8Skate L fwd (7), skate R fwd (8) ... Styling: make sure to stay low in knees during skates 12:00

[17 - 24] Ball ¼ L with punching arms fwd, together, bounce X2, ball walk RL, hitch R, back R
&1 - 2Step L next to R (&), step R to R side starting ¼ L pushing both arms to L side with hands fisted (1), finish ¼ L on R stepping L next to R dropping arms (2) ... arms optional... 9:00
3&4&Bend knees (3), straighten knees (&), bend knees (4), straighten knees (&) ... 9:00
Styling: bend in R arm swinging elbow back (3) and swing R elbow out to R side and up (4) - look chilled!
&5 - 6Step L in place (&), walk R fwd (5), walk L fwd (6) 9:00
7 - 8Hitch R knee up (7), point R foot back (8) 9:00

[25 - 32] Dip 3/8 R, up, pony step, ball step ½ R, ½ R, 3/8 R
1 - 2Dip in knees turning 3/8 R (1), straighten up in knees ending with weight on R (2) 1:30
3&4Step L behind R hitching R knee (3), step down on R (&), step L behind R hitching R knee (4) ...
* Tag 1 and Tag 2 happen here on walls 5, 6 and 8 - 1:30
&5 - 6Step down on R (&), step L fwd (5), turn ½ R onto R (6) 7:30
7 - 8Turn ½ R stepping back on L (7), turn 3/8 R stepping fwd on R (8) 6:00

[33 - 40] Stomp L, Hold, walk back RL, & heel ball step, ball step fwd LR X2 (horse steps)
1 - 2Stomp L fwd next to R (1) Hold (2) ... OR: Jump both feet fwd bringing L next to R, Hold 6:00
3 - 4Walk back R (3), walk back L (4) ... Styling: shimmy shoulders 6:00
&5&6Step back on R (&), touch L heel fwd (5), step L next to R (&), walk R fwd (6) 6:00
&7&8Step L fwd (&), step R fwd (7), step L fwd (&), step R fwd (8) ... 6:00
Styling: during these steps make sure to travel fwd with feet apart and swing R arm as if holding a lasso (horse steps!)

[41 - 48] Ball side R, kick L, ball side R, hitch L, ¼ R back, ½ R fwd, camel walks L&R
&1 - 2Step L fwd (&), step R to R side (1), kick L to L diagonal angling body to L diagonal (2) 6:00
&3 - 4Step L next to R (&), step R to R side (3), hitch L knee angling body to L diagonal (4) 6:00
5 - 6Turn ¼ R stepping back on L (5), turn ½ R stepping R fwd (6) 3:00
7 - 8Step L fwd popping R knee (7), step R fwd popping L knee (8) 3:00

B Part: 16 counts/2 walls (the B part always happens facing 3:00 or 9:00)
[1 - 8] Fwd L sweeping R, place R, swivel ¼ L, side L, place R tog., V step (out RL, back RL)
1 - 2Step L fwd sweeping R fwd (1), place R fwd leaving more on L (2) ... 3:00
Arms for count 2: bring arms up in front of chest, bent at elbows, with knuckles of hands touching each other
3&4Swivel both heels fwd (3), swivel heels back again (&), swivel heels fwd turning ¼ L (4) ... 12:00
Styling: bend slightly in knees on count 4
5 - 6Step L a big step to L side sliding R towards L punching both arms to R side (5), bring R next to L leaving weight on L dropping arms down (6) 12:00
&7&8Step fwd on R heel to R diagonal (&), step fwd on L heel to L diagonal (7), step R back to centre (&), step L next to R (8) ... weight on L 12:00

[9 - 16] Side R, ¼ R together, R foot back w. arms, ¼ R, hit down with R&L fist, chest pop
1 - 2Step R to R side starting to turn ¼ R (1), step L next to R finishing ¼ R (2) 3:00
3&4Step back on R raising R arm and hand up to R diagonal and L bent at elbow with L hand also pointing up towards R diagonal (3), both arms level to 180 degrees but now L arm/hand points out L and R elbow is bent with R hand in front of chest and palm facing down (&), point R arm/hand down towards R diagonal and L arm bent at elbow with L hand also pointing down towards R diagonal dipping down in knees (4) ... 3:00
Note: the pointing arm points UP, MIDDLE, DOWN
5 - 7Drop arms and turn ¼ R in feet ending split-weighted and feet apart (5), bring R arm/hand up (fisted) and hit down with R in a hammering motion (6), do the same with L arm/hand (7) 6:00
&8Pull both arms a little back popping chest fwd (&), push arms fwd a little contracting chest back into neutral position again (8) ... Ending with both feet apart. Remember to end with weight on L when going into A 6:00

Tag 1: 4 counts, only comes once (1st time facing 6:00, next two times it happens facing 12:00)
[1 - 4] 3 arm ticks, throw arms across
1 - 4R arm goes up and L arm goes down (1), R arm moves R with 1/8 R and L arm moves 1/8 L (2), R arm moves down to parallel and L arm moves up to parallel (3), throw arms fwd crossing R arm over L and L under R AND changing weight to L flicking R foot backwards to be ready to start A again (4) 6:00
Note! :
The 2nd time you do Tag 1 is after 28 counts during the A part facing 1:30. To do Tag 1 you step R to R side squaring up to 12:00 on count 1
The 3rd time you do Tag 1 is the last 4 counts of the dance facing 12:00

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