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It's Over

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Improver / Easy Intermediate
Chris Cleevely (UK) July 2010
"It's Over" by Alexandra Burke (100bpm) CD: 'Overcome' Single
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16 Count intro.

Walk Forward Right, Left; Rock Forward, Recover, Step Forward; Walk Forward Left, Right; Rock Forward, Recover, Step Back
1 - 2 Walk forward right, walk forward left
3 & 4 Rock forward right, recover weight left, step forward right
5 - 6 Walk forward left, walk forward right
7 & 8 Rock forward on left, recover weight on right, step back on left

Step Back Right, ½ Turn Over Left Shoulder; Right Forward Shuffle; Step ¼ Turn Right; Cross & Step Forward
9 - 10 Step back on right, make ½ turn over left shoulder stepping forward on left (6.00 o’clock)
11 & 12 Shuffle forward right, stepping right/left/right
13 - 14 Step forward on left and pivot ¼ turn right (weight on right) (9.00 o’clock)
15 & 16 Cross left over right, step right to right side, step forward on left

Modified Kick Ball Change x 2; Step, Point; Rock, Recover, ¼ Turn Left
17 & 18 Kick right forward, step back on ball of right (bending knees), step on left
19 & 20 Kick right forward, step back on ball of right (bending knees), step on left
21 - 22 Step forward on right, point left toe to left side
23 & 24 Rock forward on left, recover weight on right, make ¼ turn left stepping forward on left (6.00 o’clock)

Step ½ Turn Left; Left ¼ Rock & Cross; Rock Left, Recover; Left Coaster Step (Or Full Turn Left)
25 - 26 Step forward on right, pivot ½ turn left (weight on left) (12.00 o’clock)
27 & 28 Making ¼ turn left, rock right to right side, recover left & cross right over left (9.00 o’clock)
29 - 30 Rock left to left side, recover weight on right
31 & 32 Step back on left, step right beside left, step forward on left (or full turn left)

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