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It's Over

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Charles and Sandra (U.K) July 2013
It's Over by Rod Stewart. Album: Time (deluxe version)
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Introduction - 47 counts (Start on the word congre...GATION)
Side, behind, side, side, touch, dip, recover, side
1 2Step Left to Left side, Step Right behind Left
3 4Step Left to Left side, Step Right to Right side
5 6Touch Left forward, (weight on Right), Dip bending both knees
7 8Straighten up, transferring weight to Left foot, Step Right to Right side

Hold, together, cross, point, ½ sailor turn, walk, walk, step 3/4 side,
1&2Hold, Bring Left Foot to Right, Cross Right over Left
3Point Left to Left Side
4&5Turn ½ turn Left sweeping L front to back stepping L Back, Step Right to R side, Step L Fwd
6 7Walk forward Right, Walk forward Left [6:00]
8&1Step Forward Right, Make ½ turn Left, Make ¼ turn Left stepping Right to side [9:00]

Rock back, recover, rock back and sweep, behind ¼ step, step ¼pivot, cross shuffle
2Rock Left Behind Right
3 4Recover onto Right, recover onto Left as Right sweeps out
5&6Cross Right behind left, Make ¼ turn Left as you step Left fwd, Step Right Fwd [6:00]
7Make ¼ pivot Left, (weight on Left) [3:00]
8&1Cross Right over Left, Step Left to Left side, Cross Right over left

Point, point, sailor ½ turn, full triple turn, step ¼ Cross
2 3Point Left to Left side, Point Left forward
4&5Turn ½ turn Left sweeping L front to back stepping L Back, Step Right to R side, Step Left Fwd [9:00]
6&7Make ½ turn left stepping right back, Make ½ turn Left Stepping Left Fwd, Step Right Fwd [3:00]
8&1Step Left foot Fwd, Make ¼ pivot Right , Cross Left over Right [12:00]

¼ step back, back, back recover, walk, walk, ¼ sailor tap
2 3Make ¼ turn left stepping back on Right, Step back on Left [9:00]
4 5Step back on Right, Recover onto Left
6 7Walk Forward Right, Walk Forward Left
8&1Cross right behind left, make ¼ turn right stepping left next to right, tap Right behind Left [12:00]

Sway, Sway, Right Chasse, Rock Back Recover
2 3Step Right to Right side as you sway, Recover onto Left
4&5Step Right to right side, Close Left to Right, Step Right to right
6 7Rock Left Behind Right, Recover onto Right.

Main Dance
(Section 1) Kick ball cross, sway x3, right chasse, rock back
1&2Kick Left forward, step Left in place, cross Right over Left
3 4 5Step Left to left side as you sway, sway right, sway left
6&7Step Right to Right side, Close Left to right, Step Right to Right side
8Rock Back on Left foot

(Section 2) Rock forward, Recover, ¼ sailor cross, scissor cross, side, together
1 2Rock forward onto Right foot, rock back on Left starting to sweep right foot out
3&4Cross Right behind Left making ¼ turn Right, Step Left to Left side, Cross Right over Left [3:00]
5&6Step Left To left side, close right to left, Cross Left over Right
7 8Take large step to Right side as Left foot drags towards Right, Step Left in place

(Section 3) Samba steps x2, Rock Recover, coaster step
1&2Cross Right over Left, Rock Left to left side, Recover onto right (Slightly travelling forward)
3&4Cross Left over Right, Rock Right to right side, Recover onto Left (Slightly travelling forward)
5 6Rock forward on Right, Recover on Left
7&8Step back on Right, Step Left Together, Step Right Forward

(Section 4) Step ¼ pivot, Cross shuffle, side drag, and Cross unwind
1 2Step forward Left, ¼ pivot Right [6:00]
3&4Cross Left Over Right, Step Right to Right, Cross Left over Right
5 6Take large step to Right side as left drags to right
&7 8Step Left in place, Cross Right Over Left, Unwind Full turn Left ending with weight on Right
(Restart here wall 4)

(Section 5) Chasse Left, rock ¼ turn, recover, step, hold, close Step side
1&2Step Left To left side, Close Right to Left, Step Left To Left
3 4Make ¼ turn Right stepping back on Right, recover onto Left [9:00]
5 6Step forward on Right, Hold
&7 8Close Left to right, Step Forward Right, Step Left to Left side

(Section 6) Close, cross, back, ¼ turn left, hold, close Side, Back rock side
&1 2Close Right to Left, Cross Left over Right, Step Back Right
3 4&5Make ¼ Left stepping left to Left side. Hold, Close Right to Left, Step Left to Left [6:00]
6 7 8Rock Back On Right, Recover on Left, Step Right To right side

TAG (16 counts) End of wall 1
Left Side, Right behind, ¼ Turn Left, Step fwd Right, ¾ Turn Left, right Side, Left Behind
1 2Step Left To left, Cross Right behind Left
3 4Make ¼ turn left stepping fwd on Left. Step forward on right [3:00]
5 6Pivot ¾ left (weight on left), Step Right to Right Side [6:00]
7 8Cross left behind Right, Step Right to Right side

Step, step, ¾ turn right, left behind, ¼ turn right, step, ½ pivot
1 2Step Left forward, step right forward [6:00]
3 4Pivot ¾ left, (weight on left), Step right to right side [9:00]
5 6Cross Left behind Right, Make ¼ turn right stepping right Forward [12:00]
7 8Step Left Forward, pivot ½ turn Right [6:00]

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