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Jack (a.k.a. Wine, Beer, Whiskey)

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Anais Cordebard (USA) - September 2021
Wine, Beer, Whiskey - Little Big Town
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[1-8] Step L Side w/ Body Roll, ¼ Sailor, Scuff-Hitch-Touch, Half-Turn Sweep, Cross R Behind
1-2 -Step LF out to left side and side roll body starting with shoulders (1) and continue down finishing with weight on LF (2)
3&4 -¼ Turn as you step RF behind LF (3), recover on LF (&), step RF to right side (4) (3:00)
5&6 -Scuff LF forward (5), Hitch LF up (&), Step down onto ball of LF foot w/ heel up like a toe strut (6)
7-8 -Bring LF heel down sweeping RF around a ½ turn (7), Cross RF behind LF (8) (9:00)

[9-16] Step L Side, R-Wizard, L-Wizard, R-Mambo Step, Full Turn
&1, 2& -Step LF left (&), Step RF diagonally forward (1) Cross LF behind RF (2), Step RF diagonally forward (&)
3-4& -Step LF diagonally forward (3) Cross RF behind LF (4), Step LF diagonally forward (&)
5&6 -Rock RF forward (5), Recover weight on LF (&), Step RF slightly back (6)
7-8 -Half turn stepping back on LF (7), Half turn stepping forward on RF (8) (9:00)
(Restart here after 16 counts, on wall 9 & 10)

[17-24] L Coaster Step, R Scuff-Hitch-Stomp, Boogie Walks x4
1&2 -Step back on LF (1), Step RF back together with LF (&), Step LF forward (2)
3&4 -Scuff RF forward 3), Hitch RF up (&), Stomp RF down (4)
5-6 -Boogie walk forward LF (5), RF (6)
7-8 -Boogie walk forward LF (7), RF (8) (9:00)

TAG - 4 counts - Stomp, Hold, Ball-Step into new wall
At the end of Wall 11, facing 3:00
1-2Stomp LF out to L side, Hold
3-4Hold, Hold
After, stomp with the music, yell out "But who would wanna?"

Restart dance after TAG w/ Ball Step Into the Body Roll
&1-2 -Step RF next to LF (&), Step out to LF side roll body starting with shoulders (1) and continue down finishing with weight on LF (2)

Have FUN! Hope to share a dance floor with you! ♥



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