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Jazzy Love

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Sandy Kerrigan (AUS) - June 2012
Love Me or Leave Me - Rod Stewart
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Cross, Side, Behind, Side Cross, Side Rock, Rep, Sailor ¼ Turn
1 2 3 & 4Cross L over R, Step R to R, Step L Behind R, Step R to R, Cross L over R
5 6 7 & 8R Side Rock, Replace to L, Swing/Cross R Behind L, Step L to L, ¼ R Step Fwd R

Hitch Turn 1/2 Back, Hitch Step Fwd, ¼ Step Side, Behind, Side, Cross, Kick, Kick, Ball Step ¼ Fwd
1 2½ Turn R- Hitch L Step Back on L, Hitch R – Stepping Fwd on R(small steps) 9:00
3 4 & 5Turning ¼ R-Step L to L, Cross R Behind L, Step L to L, Cross R over L
6 7 & 8Kick L twice to face front L45°, Step Back on ball of L, Step R Fwd to 3:00

Step Fwd with Slow Unwind, Double R Toe Bounce, Dorothy Step, Side, Flick Behind
1 2Step Fwd L-Slow Unwind ½ Turn R with bent knees-wt on L
3 4Step Fwd R with Double Toe Bounce-wt on L
5 6 &Step R Slightly Fwd to Side R 45°, Lock L Behind R, Step Fwd R
7 8Step L to L Side, Flick R Behind R 9:00

Back Ball Step, Rock Back, Rep, Step Fwd R, Step Fwd L with ½ Pivot Turn R, Cross, Cross
& 1 2 3 4Step Back on ball of R, Step Back L, Rock Back R, Replace fwd to L, Step Fwd R
5 6 7 8Step Fwd L-1/2 Pivot Turn R- wt on R, Cross L over R, Cross R over L (tight cross)

Note: The song is a little lengthy; when you’ve had enough, hit the fade button….

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Last Revision - 13th June 2012


Dewi June 17, 2012

So it is Jazzy Love from Sandy Kerrigan and Love Me Or Leave Me from Rod Stewart......they go hand in hand WELL !!

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