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Jealous of the Angels

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High Intermediate
Tessa Jansen (NL) - September 2016
Jealous of the Angels - Donna Taggart
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(Tribute to my dear friend Anne Kits R.I.P)

Intro: 18 counts (app. 18 sec.)

Side, Behind, ¼ Turn R, Step Fwd, Rock Fwd, Together, Rock Back, Together, Fwd, ¼ Turn L Sweep R, Cross, Side
1-2&Step R to R Side, Step L Behind R, Turn ¼ R Step Fwd on R
3-4&Rock Fwd on L, Recover on R, Step L next to R
5-6Rock Back On R, Recover on L
&7Step R next to L, Step Fwd on L Turn ¼ L Sweeping R Around from Back to Front
8&Cross R Over L, Step L to L Side

Back, Rock, 2xWalk, Hitch, Step Fwd, Rock
1-2&Step Back on R Sweeping L Around from Front to Back, Rock Back on L, Recover on R
3-4L Step Across R, R Step Across L (Move Slightly Forwards)
5-6Point L to L side, Drag L Towards R
&7Small Hitch L, L Step Fwd
8&Rock Fwd on R, Recover on L

Back, Back, Behind, Side, Cross Rock, Step ¼ Turn R, Step ¾ Turn R, Big Step, Rock
1-2Step Back on R Sweeping L Around from Front to Back, Step Back on L Sweeping R
 Around from Front to Back
3&Step R Behind L, Step Side on L
4&Cross Rock R over L, Recover on L
5¼ Turn Right Step Fwd on R
6&7Step Fwd On L, Pivot ¾ Turn Right, Step Big Step L to Left Side
8&Rock R Behind L, Recover on L

Step ¼ Turn R, ½ Circle, Full Turn L, ¼ Turn L Side, Behind, Side, Cross Rock, Side, Touch
1¼ Turn Right Step Fwd on R
2&3Walk ½ Circle Left, Right, Left
4&5½ Turn Left Step Back on R, ½ Turn Left Step Fwd on L, ¼ Turn Left Step R to Right Side
6&Step L behind R, Step R to R Side
7&Cross Rock L Over R, Recover on R
8&Step L to Left Side, Touch R Next To L

*1st in Wall 2 after 15 Counts, Touch R Next To L and Start Wall 3 at 06.00 o’clock
**2nd in Wall 4 after 11 Counts, Touch R Next To L and Start Wall 5 at 12.00 o’clock
***3rd in Wall 6 after 20& Counts and Step R to Right Side (Big Step) and Drag L Next To R
(5-6&) and Start Wall 7 at 6.00 o’clock

After Wall 7 12.00 and Wall 8 06.00 o’clock;
Basic R, Basic L; Step R Big Step to Right Side, Rock Back on L (slightly behind R), Step L Big Step to Left Side, Rock Back on R (slightly behind L)

NOTE WALL 8: Music slows down in the 3rd section;
Counts 24 to 27 on words “I'm just jealous of the angels”
Count 30 on word “around”
Step L to Left Side for Big Step (TAG) on word “tonight”

End: Wall 9 after &15 Pivot Turn Right and Face 12.00 o’clock



willemientje November 4, 2016
Prachtige dans!!
Super mooi geschreven Tessa Jansen!
Alles klopt!
Veel succes!

Hethob November 6, 2016
Zo'n mooie dans.Geweldig gedaan Tessa.

Dancingfool62 November 8, 2016
Prachtige dans goed gedaan Tesssa
Knuf Elly

Kitsebillys November 8, 2016
Prachtige dans,gefeliciteerd Tessa xx

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