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Jezebel - The Devil Made Me Do It

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Easy Beginner
Dianne Evans (UK) - February 2021
Martha Divine - Ashley McBryde
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Start Dance 16 counts in

Side R, close, side R, touch L. Side L, close, side L, touch R
1234Step to side on RF, close LF beside RF, step RF to side, touch LF beside RF
5678Step to side on LF, close RF beside LF, step LF to side, touch RF beside LF (could be a rolling vine)

Shuffle Forward RF, Step forward LF pivot ½ Turn Right, Shuffle Forward LF, step forward RF Pivot ½ Turn Left
1&234Shuffle forward RF, step forward LF pivot ½ Turn Right
5&678Shuffle forward LF, step forward RF pivot ½ Turn Left
Restart here on walls 5 and 11

Side RF, hold, Close LF beside RF, Step to side on RF, Touch LF, Vine ¼ Left, Brush RF forward
1-&34Step RF to right side and hold 2, close LF to RF, step RF to side and touch LF beside RF
(Alternative) Step forward RF making ¼ turn R, hold, close LF beside right making ½ turn right, complete a further ¼ right and step to side on right, touch LF beside RF
5678Step to side on LF, step RF behind LF, make ¼ turn left stepping forward on LF, Brush RF forward

RF Rocking Chair, RF Jazz Box
1234Rock forward onto RF, recover LF, Rock back on RF, recover forward LF
5678Cross RF over LF, step back on LF, step to side on RF, step forward on LF

Start the Dance again

Just the 2 restarts after 16 counts on Wall 5 facing front and wall 11 facing 9 O'clock

Remember, smile and dance like nobody is watching which during These Covid times is true!!!


Pegleg February 4, 2021
Nice easy little dance to catchy music. Enjoyed learning it tonight.

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