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Jintobaegi (진또배기)

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Phrased Intermediate
Miae Lee (KOR) - December 2020
Jinttobaegi (진또배기) - Ahn Ye Eun (안예은)
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Sequence (A,B,B,B,A,B,B,Tag1,B,B,Tag2,B,B,Tag1,A)
Tag1:4c after7w(9:00-3:00),4c after11w(6:00-12:00)
Tag2:6c after9w(9:00-12:00)

(SECT 1)L,R,In Place(hit the hips with both hands),Hitch(C,W)Jump×2,Collect,L,R,In Place(hit the hips with both hands),Hitch(C,C,W)Jump×2,Collect
1L,R, in place(hit the hips with both hands)(1)
2- 3R, hitch clockwise keep 2counts, the same time L jump×2(2,3)
4R,collect next L(4)
5L,R, in place(hit the hips with both hands)(5)
6- 7L, hitch counter clockwise keep 2counts, the same time R jump×2(6,7)
8L,collect next R(8)

(SECT 2) L,R,In Place,Hip bump,In Place,Clap,Hitch,Jump×2, Collect
1- 4L,R, in place(together hands swing) left hip bump(1), right hip bump(2),left hip bump(3), right hip bump(4)
5L,R, in place, the same time clap(5)
6- 7L, jump×2, R, hitch keep 2counts(6,7)
8R,collect next L(8)

(SECT1) Side, Collect Ball Change, Fwd Rock, Recover, Coaster,Fwd, 1/2 left Pivot Turn
1- 2L,side(1) R,collect ball change(2)
3- 4L,forward rock(3) R,recover(4)
5& 6L,back(5) R,collect(&) L,forward(6)
7- 8R,forward(7), 1/2 left pivot turn(8)

(SECT2) Fwd, Lock, 1/4 Left Turn Fwd, Lock, Syncopate, Point
1- 2R,forward(1) L,lock(2)
3- 4R,1/4 left turn forward(3) R,lock(4)
5&6&R,point(5) R,collect ball change(&) L,point(6) L,collect ball change(&)
7- 8R,point(7,8)

(SECT3) Sailor 1/4 Right Turn, Side, Collect, Fwd, Back, coaster
1& 2sailor 1/4 right turn(1&2)
3- 4L,side(3) R,collect next L(4)
5- 6L,forward rock(5) R,recover(6)
7& 8L,back(7) R,collect next L(&) L,forward(8)

(SECT4) V Step, Monterey1/4 right Turn, Point, Collect
1- 4R,out(1) L,out(2) R,in(3) L,in next R,(4)
5- 6R,point(5) R,collect 1/4 right turn(6)
7- 8L,point(7) L,collect next R(8)

(TAG1) 4counts(9:00-3:00, 6:00-12:00)
1- 2L,R, the same time out(1) the same time cross(2)
3- 41/2 left turn(3,4)

(TAG2) 6counts 3/4 left turn(9:00-12:00)
1- 6R,side(1) L,touch next R(2) L,side(3) R,touch nextL(4)R,side(5) L,touch next R(6)

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