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Jo 'N Jo Tango

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Beginner / Intermediate
Jo Thompson Szymanski (USA) & Rita Jo Thompson - June 2008
Hernando's Hideaway - Alfred Hause's Tango Orchestra : (CD: entitled Tango)
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Intro: Wait 32 counts. This can also be done to other Tango songs. Use your favorite!

Slow Tango Walks Forward x2, Tango Draw
1-4 Step forward Left (1), Hold (2), Step forward Right (3), Hold (4).
5-8 Step forward Left (5), Large step Right to Right side (6), Slowly drag Left toe to Right foot ending with Left toe touched beside Right foot (7-8).

Slow Tango Walks Back x2, Side, Cross, Point, Hold
1-4 Step back with Left, (1), Hold (2), Step back with Right (3), Hold (4).
5-6 Step Left foot to Left side (5), Step Right foot across in front of Left (6).
7-8 Point Left toe to Left side with Right knee slightly bent (7), Hold (8).

Cross Rock 3, Flick, Cross Rock 3, Flick
1 Turning body slightly to the Right, Rock Left foot forward across front of Right.
2 Recover weight back to Right foot.
3 Rock weight forward to Left foot in the same place as it was.
4 Flick Right foot up behind as the body is turning slightly to the Left.
5 With body angled slightly to the Left, Rock Right foot forward across front of Left.
6 Recover weight back to Left foot.
7 Rock weight forward to Right foot in the same place as it was.
8 Flick Left foot up behind as the body is turning slightly to the Right.

Serpiente, 1/4 Turn Right
1-2 Step Left foot across in front of Right (1), Squaring the body up to the front, step Right foot to Right side (2).
3-4 Step Left foot crossed behind Right (3), Sweep Right toe out to Right side and back (4).
5-6 Step Right foot crossed behind Left (5), Step Left foot to Left side (6),
7-8 Step Right foot crossed in front of Left (7), With weight on Right foot, turn sharply 1/4 to the Right (8).

Start Again From Beginning Of Dance.

Note: Last time through the dance, stomp across in front on count 7 of the Serpiente, you will be facing the front.


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