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David Chamberlain (UK) - March 2019
Juice - Lizzo : (Clean Edit)
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Intro: 32 counts

Section 1: Camel Walk x2, Right Shuffle forward, Half pivot turn, Sweep x2
1Step forward onto Right foot dragging left towards right popping Left knee.
2Step forward onto Left foot dragging right towards left popping Right knee,
3 & 4Step forward onto Right, Close Left next to Right, step forward right.
5, 6Step forward onto Left foot, pivot 1/2 turn Right. (6:00),
7, 8Step forward Left sweep Right from back to front, Step forward Right sweep left from back to front.

Section 2: Cross in front, Side, behind, Heel jack, Close x2
1, 2Cross Left foot in front of Right, Step Right foot to Right side.
3&4&Step Left foot behind Right, Step diagonally back on the Right foot, extend Left heel to the left diagonal., Step Left foot next to Right,
5, 6Cross Right foot in front of Left. Step Left foot to Left side,
7&8&Step Right foot behind Left, Step diagonally back on the Left extend Right heel to the Right diagonal, Close Right foot next to left,

Section 3: Cross, Hold, And behind and cross, Step touch, Step touch making a ¼ turn.
1, 2Cross Left foot over Right, Hold,
&3&4Step Right foot to right side, Cross Left behind Right, Small step Right to Right side, Cross Left foot in front of Right.
5,6,7,8Step Right foot to Right side, Touch Left foot by Right, Step Left foot back making a ¼ turn right, touch Right foot next to Left. (9:00)

Section 4: Dorothy steps x 2, half pivot turn x2
1, 2 &Step Right foot forward to Right diagonal, lock Left foot behind Right, small step Forward Right to the Right diagonal,
3, 4&Step Left foot forward to the left diagonal, lock Right foot behind Left, small step Forward Left to the Left diagonal.
5, 6Step forward onto Right, pivot ½ turn L (3:00),
7, 8Repeat steps 5, 6. (9:00).

End of dance


ashleybeth September 3, 2019
Hoping someone does a tutorial to this. Great dance!

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