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Just Completely!

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Intermediate (Jazz motion)
Sebastiaan Holtland (NL) - May 2013
Completely - Caro Emerald : (Album: The Shocking Miss Emerald - iTunes)
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32 count intro (start on vocals).

Sec 1: [1-8] Jazz Kick Diag, & Cross (Plié), Syncopated Swingin`Hips.
1-2Kick Rt out diagonal, Hold. (Optional: Jazz hands L-R out).
&3-4Step Rt back in place, cross Lt over Rt (bending knees), Hold.
(Optional: Both Hands next your hips down to the floor with hand palm).
5-6Step Rt to the right push R hip to right, recover on Lt.
&7-8Step Rt next to Lt, push L hip to left, recover on Rt.

Sec 2: [9-16] ¼ L, Step, ½ L, Back, ½ L, Step, Sweep Turn ¼ L, Cross, Side, Cross, Knee Lift Out.
1-2Turn ¼ left (9) step Lt slightly forward, turn ½ left (3) step Rt back.
3-4Turn ½ left (9) step Lt slightly forward, turn ¼ left (6) sweep Rt from back to front.
5-7Cross Rt over Lt, step Lt slightly to the left, cross Rt over Lt.
8Lift L knee up to diagonal (out).

Sec 3: [17-24] Behind, ¼ R, Step, Fwd Rock, Recover, ½ L, Step, ¼ L, Side, Back Rock, Recover.
1-2Step Lt behind Rt, turn ¼ right (9) step Rt slightly forward.
3-4Rock Lt forward, recover on Rt.
5-6Turn ½ left (3) step Lt slightly forward, turn ¼ left (12) step Rt to the right.
7-8Rock Lt back, recover on Rt.

Sec 4: [25-32] L Side Jump, Hold, R Side Jump, Hold, ¼ L, Fwd Hip Roll, Recover, Step, Touch.
&1-2Small jump to the left, touch Rt next to Lt, Hold.
&3-4Small jump to the right, touch Lt next to Rt, Hold.
5-6Turn ¼ left (9) step Lt forward push hip forward, recover on Rt.
7-8Step Lt forward, touch Rt next to Lt. (9:00)

Start again and have fun!



dancefreaky79 May 7, 2013
Great Dance Sebastian, great jazz moves!
Cooooool, thanx a lot!

Best Regards,

Deborah Bakersfield.

brandon May 7, 2013
Dear Sebastian,

Cool jazz moves and steps.
Thanx again!Good luck with your dance.
I Teach the dance this weekend!

Best Regards,


Sebastiaan May 7, 2013
Dear Brandon & Deborah,

Both thank you so much for your compliments.
Thakx a lot!

Best Regards,

Sebastiaan Holtland, Netherlands

Foxy May 8, 2013
Hey Sebas... leuke dans! Heb begrepen dat er straks 3 dansen zijn op dit muziekje... maar de jouwe ziet er erg leuk uit ;-) xxx Ria

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