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Just My Size

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Lucy Cooper (UK) - September 2020
Fleur East - Size
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Intro: 16 counts

Step, Forward Touch, Back, Back, Bounce Back, Recover, Forward, ¼ Pivot R
1 2Step right forward, touch left forward
3 4Step left back, step right back
5 6Bounce/rock back onto left bending the right knee, recover onto the right
7 8Step left forward, pivot ¼ right (weight ending on the right) (3.00)

Cross, Hold, Side Rock, Cross, ½ Hinge Turn R, Cross, Side Rock
1 2Cross left over right, hold
3&4Rock right to right side, recover onto left, cross right over left
5 6Turning ¼ right stepping back on left, turn ¼ right stepping side on right (9.00)
7 8&Cross left over right, rock right to side, recover onto left (small steps)
Rock with Hips ¼ Turn L, Recover ¼ Turn R , Coaster Step, Rock with Hips ¼ Turn R, Recover ¼ Turn L , Coaster Step
1 2Rock right to side turning ¼ left and pushing into the right hip (6.00), recover onto left as you turn ¼ right back to 9.00
3&4Step right back, step left together, step right forward
5 6Rock left to side turning ¼ right and pushing into the left hip (12.00), recover onto right as you turn ¼ left back to 9.00
7&8Step left back, step right together, step left forward
(Restart here on wall 4 facing 12.00)

Step, ¼ Pivot L, Cross, Back ¼ R, Back, Touch Behind, Forward with Sweep
1 2Step right forward, ¼ pivot left with weight ending on left (6.00)
3 4Cross right over left, step left back turning ¼ right (9.00)
5 6Step right back, touch left behind
7 8Step left forward whilst doing a big sweeping right hitch over 2 counts (

RESTART : Dance up to Wall 4 (3.00) count 24, and restart the dance at 12.00.

ENDING: Wall 9 starts at 12.00. Dance up to count 12, then instead of a ½ turn right, do a ¾ turn right to the front to end the dance.



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