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Just Seventeen

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Terri Martin (USA) - July 2019
I Saw Her Standing There (Remastered) by The Beatles
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Dance begins on the word “Just” 16 counts from beginning of music.

(1-8) Diagonal Step Touch with finger snaps (K steps)
1-2Step R to diagonal forward, touch L beside R
3-4Step L back to L diagonal, touch R next to L
5-6Step R to back diagonal, touch L next to R
7-8Step L to Forward diagonal, scuff R next to L

(9-16) Forward Lock step, Hold, Step, L ¼ turn , cross L over R, Hold
1-4Step forward on R, lock L behind R, step forward R, Hold
5-6Step L forward, turn ¼ turn to R stepping R
7-8Cross L over R, Hold
Optional arm movement: Raise arms and wave hands by rotating wrists when the singer sings Oohh... on counts 13-16, on walls 2,4, 7 & 11.

(17-24) Weave to R, Side Rock Recover, Cross, Hold
1-2Step R to R, step L behind R
3-4Step R to R, Step L over R
5-6Rock R to R, recover on L
7-8Cross R over L, Hold

(25-32) Step to L, Drag R with Shimmy, Step R, Drag L with Shimmy,
1-4Take big step to L with L, drag R to close next to L with Shoulder Shimmy
5-8Take big step to R with R, drag L to close next to R with Shoulder Shimmy, transferring weight back to L foot on count 8.

The dance ends facing 3 O’Clock. Turn head to L on Last beat of music to face 12 O’Clock

Tag: 8 counts at the end of walls 5 and 10.
Mambo forward, hold, Mambo back, hold
1-4Keeping weight on L, step forward with R, transfer weight to L, step back with R, hold
5-8step back on L, transfer weight to R, step forward on L, hold

Terri Martin : Choreographed for the linedancers at Willamette View
Retirement Community. Enjoy!


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