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Just The Way I Are

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Beginner / Intermediate
Laura K. - September 2008
Side, together, ¼ turn side, together, oz steps x2
1,2 Long step to right, touch left beside right (add arm movements to the first 4 counts for fun –cross wrists in front for 1st count then uncross and point fists toward ceiling for 2nd count keeping elbows bent at 90 degree angle, same for 3&4)
3,4 Make a ¼ to the left and take a long step to the left, touch right beside left (9:00)
5,6& Step right diagonally forward (5), step left behind right (6), step right beside left (&)
7,8& Step left diagonally forward (7), step right behind left (8), step left beside right (&)

Heel switches, toe behind, unwind ¾, rock, recover, behind & cross
1&2& Right heel forward, step right beside left and put left heel forward, step left beside right
3,4 Touch right toe behind left foot, unwind ¾ turn to right transferring weight to right
5,6 Rock to left side on left foot, recover onto right foot
7&8 Step left behind right, step right to right side, cross left over right

Sweep, hook, step x2, back shuffle, coaster step
1&2 Sweep right foot from back to front, hook right heel in front of left knee, step right foot in front of left foot
3&4 Sweep left foot from back to front, hook left heel in front of right knee, step left foot in front of right foot
5&6 Shuffle back R,L,R
7&8 Step back left, step right beside left, step forward left

Pivot, walk x2, ¼ turn jazz box
1,2 Put right foot forward, do ½ turn to left
3,4 Walk forward R,L (or two ½ turns to left)
5,6 Cross right over left, step back left
7,8 turn ¼ right stepping right to right side, step forward left



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