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K is For Kicks

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Absolute Beginner
Christopher Gonzalez (USA) - April 2017
"Feel It Still" by Portugal. The Man, 158 BPM
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#32-count intro

Notes Special thanks and big hugs to Jo Thompson Szymanski, who helped me work out my 3rd eight-count after Dancing For The Dream in Rocklin, CA. Love and thanks also to Megan Barsuglia for patiently tinkering with me through oh-so-many iterations and variations :)

[1-8] R Heel, Together, L Heel, Together, R Heel - Together (x2) 12:00
1, 2Touch R heel forward (1), step R together (2) 12:00
3, 4Touch L heel forward (3), step L together (4) 12:00
5, 6Touch R heel forward (5), touch R together (6) 12:00
7, 8Touch R heel forward (7), step R together (8) 12:00

[9-16] L Heel, Together, R Heel, Together, L Heel - Together (x2) 12:00
1, 2Touch L heel forward (1), step L together (2) 12:00
3, 4Touch R heel forward (3), step R together (4) 12:00
5, 6Touch L heel forward (5), touch L together (6) 12:00
7, 8Touch L heel forward (7), step L together (8) 12:00

[17-24] Right K-Step w/ ¼ L Turn and R Brush 9:00
1, 2Step R forward to R diagonal (1), touch L together (2) 12:00
3, 4Step L back to L diagonal (3), touch R together (4) 12:00
5, 6Step R back to R diagonal (5), touch L together (6) 12:00
7, 8Turn ⅛ L and step L forward (7), turn ⅛ L and brush R beside L (8) 9:00

[25-32] R Side Step, Together, L Side Step, Together 9:00
1, 2Step R to R side (1), hold (2) 9:00
3, 4Touch L together (3), hold (4) 9:00
5, 6Step L to L side (5), hold (6) 9:00
7, 8Touch R together (7), hold (8) 9:00
*25-32 Try punctuating the guitar lick (e.g. 1m11s, 2m11s) with shoulder shimmies! Starting R forward: 1&2&3&4&.. =. RLRLRLRL...
*25-32 Alternatively, consider the following fancy footwork, inspired by Masters in Line classic “Doctor Doctor”:
Step R to R side (1), swivel L heel in (2), swivel L toe in (3) swivel L heel in (4)
Step L to L side (5), swivel R heel in (6), swivel R toe in (7) swivel R heel in (8)

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dancer33 June 10, 2018
Aw cute little dance for beginners or class warm up

Sandue January 17, 2019
This is one of my favorites - I teach a line dance class in The Villages FL and we do this one a lot. We have 3 town squares that plays music every night and we line dance (or whatever kind of dancing you want to do) and this dance goes to such a variety of music - LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! Thanks for a great dance!

Squidgy April 26, 2019
Lovely little dance. :-) Useful for many different songs at many different speeds, and so suitable for different dancer levels. Thank you, Christopher. :-)

WBSmichael July 21, 2019
Great beginner/warm up dance. Perfect for this. Instructor at the white buffalo saloon sarasota fl

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