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Kansas City

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Georgie Mygrant (USA) - June 2021
Kansas City - Brenda Lee : (Album: Terry White)
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Intro: 16 (Slow and Easy!)

Lock Step Fwd. Diagonally R/L
1-4Step fwd. R diagonally, touch L to R, step fwd. R, touch L to R
5-8Step fwd. L diagonally, touch R to L, step fwd. L, touch R to L

Rocking Chair 2x
1-4Step R fwd, rock back on L, rock back on R, return to L
Repeat once more

Zig-Zag Back Diagonally, 2 Slow, 2 Fast
1-4Step R back diagonally, touch L to R, Step L back diagonally, touch R to L
5-8Step R diagonally, L diagonally, R diagonally, step on L

Scissors, R and L
1-4Step R, step on L, cross R over L and hold
5-8Step L, step on R, cross L over R and hold

Vine R, Turn R, Walk Back
1-4Step R, L behind R, step R turning ¼ to R, step on L
5-8Walk back, R/L/R/L

Cross Point 2x, Jazz Box in Place
1-4Step R fwd. Point L to L side, Step L fwd. Point R to R side
5-8Step R over L, step on L, step on R, step on L

That's it! Start Over! No tags. Just a fun dance


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