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Ultra Beginner
Russell Breslauer (USA) - April 2020
Karagouna by Orchestra Mesogios
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Karagouna – This dance comes from the plains of Thessaly. The name Karagouna comes from the Turkish word “kara” for black to describe the women’s clothes. Karagouna is a flirtatious couples’ dance where the men dance in a line behind the women’s line. In the days before dating, young people might meet and dance in the village square after church, to get acquainted.

Three Patterns:
Intro – 32 counts for Orchestra Mesogios

Pattern 1 – Basic Grapevine (64 counts)
1 - 8Step on R foot to right (1) L across in back of right (2) R to right touch L heel and wiggle L 4 times
9-16Step on L foot to left (1) R across in front of left (2) L to left touch R heel and wiggle R

Pattern 2 – Drag right and left (64 counts)
1 - 6Step on R foot to right drag and turn L to side, L next to right x 3
7- 8R to right, Swing L leg in front of R
9 -14Step on L foot to left (1) drag & turn R to side, R next to left x3
15- 16L to left, Swing R leg in front of L

Pattern 3 – Syrtos* (32 counts)
* A syrtos has the rhythm (slow quick quick or 1-2&) If done slowly, the dance is a Hasapico. Made for line not to move in LOD
1 2 &Step R to right, L behind right, R to right
3 4 &Step L forward on diagonal, R forward L next to R,
5 6 &Step R back on diagonal, L back, R next to left and face forward
7 8 &Step L to the left, R behind left L to the left

Last update 4/12/2020




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