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KeeKee Bee Swing (P)
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Swing Partner
Linda Byrum & Paul Brown – August 2017
"It's Such A Small World" by Rodney Crowell & Rosanne Cash
**Written for Western Partner Dance at Potters Resort hosted by Alan & Sonia Cole **

Start in closed position, man facing OLD. Man's footwork listed, lady mirrors.

(East coast swing basic with 1/2 turn to man's left)
1&2 , 3&4, 5-6Left, right, left, right, left, right, (turning 1/2 turn to left), rock back on left, recover on right (on rock step, open 1/4 turn right to face LOD )

(Lady's underarm 1/2 turn to closed position, 1/4 turn right )
1&2,Left, right, left (ladies underarm 1/2 turn to her left)
3&4Right , left, right ,
5-6Step forward on left, moving down LOD, 1/4 turn to right on count 6 man facing OLD)

(Side together, cross triple, rock step)
1&2Left to left side, step right beside left, step left to left side
3&4Cross shuffle, right over left
5-6Rock back on left foot, recover on right

( Man behind lady, switch hands to L to L, R to R)
1&2Left, right, left turning 1/4 turn to left, step behind lady
3&4Right, left, right taking lady's left hand in left and right in right
5-6Rock left foot to left side, recover on right

(Lady's underarm 1/2 turn to right, facing RLD)
1&2Left, right, left ( lady's 1/2 turn to right to closed position)
3&4Right, left, right
5-6Rock forward on left foot, recover on right

( Lady's 1/2 turn to right moving to man's left side)
1&2Left, right, left ( lady turning 1/2 turn to her right)
3&4Right, left, right ( lady moving to man's left side)
5-6Walk forward left, right

(Sliding doors, lady moving right, man moving left)
1&2Left to left, right step beside left, step left to left side ( man behind lady)
3&4Cross shuffle, right over left ( take lady's left hand in man's right)
5-6Rock back on left foot, recover on right

(4 count lady's underarm turn to right)
1&2Left, right, left ( raising right hand for lady's 1/2 turn to right)
3&4Right, left, right ( move hands to 2 hand hold)

( Sailor steps with rock step)
1&2Left behind right sailor step
3&4Right behind left sailor step
5&6Left behind right sailor step
7&8Right behind left sailor step
9-10Rock back on left foot, recover on right

( Lady's 3/4 turn to her left facing ILD)
1&2Left, right, left, turning 1/4 turn to right (lady making 3/4 turn to her left)
3&4Right, left, right ( man facing OLD)
5-6Rock back on left foot, recover on right
7-8Step left foot beside right, step right foot beside left

Begin again.

Choreographed by Linda Byrum & Paul Brown - August.9, 2017
Contact at: USA; 765-744-8695 - email: pebrown50@hotmail.com

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