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High Beginner
Sebastiaan Holtland (NL) - April 2021
Cool - Landon Austin & Matthew Parker
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One easy tag of 4 counts - wall 7, after 16 counts, after start again (facing 9 o'clock).
Introduction: 16 counts, start after the vocals approx 10 sec.

Part 1. [1-8] Side Rock R, Syncopated Side Gallops L, Side Rock L, L Behind, R Side, L Fwd.
1,2Rock Rf to R (1), Recover back onto Lf (2).
&3&4Step Rf beside Lf (&), Step Lf to L (3), Step Rf beside Lf (&), Step Lf to L (4).
&5,6Step Rf beside Lf (&), Rock Lf to L (5), Recover back onto Rf (6).
7&8Step Lf behind Rf (7), Step Rf to R (&), Step Lf slightly fwd (8).

Part 2. [9-16] Syncopated Side Points R, L, Dip & R Touch ¼ Turn R, Press Step R with Sweep R, Fwd Swivel L.
1&2Point Rf out to R (1), Step Rf beside Lf (&), Point Lf out to L (2).
3,4Dip your body Down (3), Coming up and make ¼ turn R (3.00) and touch Rf slightly fwd Lf (4).
5,6Press Rf fwd (5), Recover back onto Lf and sweep Rf from front to back (6).
7&8Step Rf back in place (7), Swivel Lf fwd (&), Swivel Lf back to centre taking weight onto Lf (8).
(NB: Tag here in wall 7 after 16 counts, after start again (facing 9 o'clock).

Part 3. [17-24] Side R, L Together, ½ Shuffle Turn back to L, Back Rock L, Step L, Side Point R.
1,2Step Rf to R (1), Step Lf beside Rf (2).
3&4Make ½ turn L (9.00) R shuffle back (3&4).
5,8Rock Lf back (5), Recover back onto Rf (6), Step Lf fwd (7), Point Rf out to R (8).

Part 4. [25-32] Cross Sailor R with ¼ Turn R, L Together, R Side, Heel Flick L, L Replace, R Back, Hold, Step L with ¼ Turn L, R Touch Together L.
1&2Step Rf across Lf (1), Make ¼ turn R (12.00) step Lf back (&), Step Rf to R (2).
&3&4Step Lf beside Rf (&), Step Rf to R (3), Flick Lf behind R knee (&), Step Lf back in place (4).
5,8Step Rf back (5), Hold (6), Make ¼ Turn L (9.00) step Lf fwd (7), Touch Rf beside Lf (8).


TAG: Wall 7 after 16 counts
[1,4] Syncopated Heel Flicks Behinds L, R, L, R.
1&2&Step Rf to R (1), Flick Lf behind R knee (&), Step Lf back in place (2), Flick Rf behind L knee (&).
3&4&Step Rf back in place (3), Flick Lf behind R knee (&), Step Lf back in place (4), Flick Rf behind L knee (&).


Nobel84 April 5, 2021
Sebastiaan Holtland you have choreographed a very great new dance again!! I have taught it and i gonna teach it this week!!

Very great music too Bro 🐣🤗😁

Elisabeth April 5, 2021
Geweldige dans Sebastiaan op een hele mooie song!

Sebastiaan April 5, 2021
Dear Nobel and Elisabeth,

Thank you both so much for your compliments.
Great to hear that both like my new dance!!


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