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Keep it Country

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Easy Intermediate
Jane Hendrikse (NL) - September 2016
Grant & Forsyth - Keep It Country
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Intro: 16 counts

Chassè Right, Rock Bwd, Chassè Left, Rock Bwd
1.RF step right
&LF next to RF
2.RF step right
3.LF step and Rock Backwards
4.Weight back on RF
5.LF step left
&RF next to LF
6.LV step Left
7.RF step and rock Backwards
8.Weight on LF

9.RF step Forward
10.LF touch Toe Behind RF, Touch Right hand to Hat
11.LF step backwards
12.RF touch heel Forward
13.RF step Forward
14.LF touch Toe Behind RF, Touch Right hand to Hat
15.LF step backwards
16.RF touch heel Forward

17.RF step right
18.LF behind RF
19.RF step Forward ¼ Turn Right (3)
20.LF step Forward
21.LF+RF ½ Turn right (9)
22.LF side step with ¼ Turn Right (12)
23.RF behind LF
24.LF step Forward ¼ Turn Left (9)

Right & Left Stroll with Scuff
25.RF step Forward
26.LF lock behind RF
27.RF step forward
28.LF scuff next to RF
29.LV stap forward
30.RF lock behind LV
31.LF step forward
32.RF scuff next to LF
(turn right hand over your head as you swing a lasso )

Right Jazzbox with Scuff, Left Jazzbox with Toe Touch
33.RF across LF
34.LF step backwards
35.RF step right
36.LF scuff next to RF
37.LF across RF
38.RF step backwards
39.LF step left
40.RF touch too next to LF

Right & Left Side Step with Kick& Clap, Chassè, Rock Bwd
41.RF step right
42.LF kick diagonally right & Clap
43.LF step left
44.RF kick diagonally left & Clap
45.RF step right
&LF next to RF
46.RF step right
47.LF step and Rock Backwards
48.Weight back on RF

Sync Weave Left (8 counts)
49.LF step left
50.RF behind LF
&LV step left
51.RF across LF
52.LV step left
53.RF behind LV
54.LF step left
&RF across LF
55.LF step left
56.RF behind LF

¼ Turn Left into Coasterstep, 2x Pivot turn, Kick-Ball-Change
57.LF step Bwd with ¼ Turn Left (6)
&RF next to LF
58.LF step forward
59.RF step forward
60.RF+LF ½ turn left
61.RF step forward
62.RF+LF ½ turn left
63.RF kick forward
&RF next to LF
64.LF step on place (gew op LV)

1.Start again…..and have fun

Restart: 3e wall dance first 16 counts and start again……..

Tag: After 7e wall dance the next 8 counts:
Curtsy, Curtsy
1.RF step Forward
2.LF touch Toe Behind RF, Touch Right hand to Hat
3.LF step backwards
4.RF touch heel Forward
5.RF step Forward
6.LF touch Toe Behind RF, Touch Right hand to Hat
7.LF step backwards
8.RF touch heel Forward

Ending: Dance 9e wall count 1 - 23
Turn ½ Right to 12 O’clock



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