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Keep Moving On

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High Beginner
Tracey Lynn Bell & Vanessa Johnston (CAN) - May 2017
Go Back - Leah Daniels
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# 32 count intro (She sings a faint “whoooo…”, then starts singing “I see you creeping round…” – the “ I ” is step 1 of the first wall.)

1 2; Rock Right, Recover in place (weight back onto Left),
3&4; Behind-side-cross (R, L, R)
5 6; Rock Left, Recover in place (weight back onto Right),
7&8; Behind-side-cross (L, R, L)

&1; Jump out (Right/left),
2; Hold,
&3; Jump in (Left/right),
4; Hold
5 6 7 8; Right out, Left out, Right in, Left in ('V' step)

1&2; Shuffle forward Right-Left-Right,
3 4; Pivot ½ Turn (Step forward on Left for 3, Half turn over right shoulder, weight landing on Right for 4)
5&6; Shuffle forward Left-Right-Left
7&8; Kick Ball Change (Right foot kick, ball change right-left)

1 2 3 4; Jazz Box (Cross Right over Left, Step back on Left, Step beside on Right, Step Left foot together)
5 6; Pivot ¼ Turn (Step Right foot forward for 5, Quarter turn over left shoulder, weight landing on Left for 6)
7&8; Heel Swivel –
Option 1: Hold for 7, put weight onto toes and swivel heels out-in quickly on 8 : Heel Swivel –
Option 2: In an Up/Down motion - Put weight onto toes for 7 while turning heels outward slightly.
Twist heels in for ‘&’, Twist heels back out putting weight back down on heels for 8

*NOTE* The Heel Swivel is an opportunity to make it your own and add a variation – You can pause for 7, then swivel your heels on 8, you can twist heels out-in-out, or in-out-in for 7 & 8, or put your weight on one foot and swivel only one heel, or another heel swivel variation of your own.

Wall 4: (facing 9 o'clock): Restart; first 16 counts then Re-start

Wall 7 - (facing 6 o'clock):Tag-Restart; first 16 counts, Then….
1 2 3 4; Right out, Left out, Right in, Left in ('V' step),
5 6; Right Foot Stomp, stomp, Restart


Last Update - 11th April 2018


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