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Keep on Up

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Easy Intermediate
Jo Conroy (UK) - January 2009
Up - The Saturdays
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Step Twist Twist, Kick Ball Change, Step pivot ¼, Step
1-2 Step R foot fwd, Twist both heels to the Right (bending both Knees )
3 Twist Both Heels to centre
4&5 Right Kick Ball Change
6-7 Step fwd on Right, Pivot ¼ turn Left
8 Step Fwd on Right

Pivot ¼ Left, Cross, Side, R Sailor & Kick & Cross, Hold Ball Cross
1-2 Turn ¼ Left, Cross Right Foot over left
3 Step Side on Left
4&5 Right Sailor & Right Kick
&6 Step down on to Right & Cross left Over Right
7 Hold for one count
&8 & Step Right to Right Side & Cross left over Right

Step, Left Sailor ¼ turn left & Right Sailor ¼ turn Left, Left sailor ¼ turn Left & Turn Step
1 Step right to Right Side,
2&3 Left Sailor ¼ turn Left
4&5 Right Sailor Step in place
6&7 Left Sailor ¼ Turn Left
&8 Cross Right Behind Left, & ¼ Turn Left stepping on to left Foot

Step Pivot ½ Turn Left x 2, Jazz Box
1-2 Step Right Foot fwd, Turn ½ Turn Left,
3-4 Step right Foot Fwd, Turn ½ turn Left
5-6 Cross Right over left, step Left foot back
7-8 Step Right foot to Right Side, Step left foot fwd

Tag Repeat last 8 Counts facing 9, 0clock on the 9th wall, start the dance again from the top.

Big Finish:
On the last wall facing 3 0clock instead of the Jazz box cross Right over left and
Unwind to face the front.

Enjoy Keep it Funky


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