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Kiddin' Around

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Karl-Harry Winson (UK) - Feburary 2014
"Kid" by Peter Andre. Album: "Kid" – Single
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Intro: 32 Counts (Start on Vocals)

Forward Touch. Back Touch. 1/4 Turn Right-Touch. Side Touch.
1 – 2Step Right forward to Right diagonal. Touch Left beside Right (Clap Hands).
3 – 4Step Left back to Left diagonal. Touch Right beside Left (Clap Hands).
5 – 6Make 1/4 turn Right stepping Right to Right side. Touch Left beside Right (Clap Hands).
7 – 8Step Left to Left side. Touch Right beside Left (Clap Hands).

Right Diagonal Step. Heel & Toe Swivels. Left Diagonal Step. Heel & Toe Swivels.
1Step Right foot forward towards Right diagonal/corner with weight.
2 – 4Swivel Left foot towards Right stepping: Heel, Toe, Heel.
5Step Left foot forward towards Left diagonal/corner with weight.
6 – 8Swivel Right foot towards Left stepping: Heel, Toe, Heel.

Back-Together-Back (Slow Shuffle Back). Hold. Left Coaster Step. Hold.
1 – 2Step back on Right. Close Left beside Right.
3 – 4Step back on Right. Hold.
5 – 6Step back on Left. Close Right beside Left.
7 – 8Step forward on Left. Hold.

Side. Close. Heel Splits. Side. Close. Pigeon Toes.
1 – 2Step Right to Right side. Close Left beside Right.
3 – 4With weight on the balls of both feet, split both heels apart. Bring heels back to centre.
5 – 6Step Left to Left side. Close Right beside Left.
7 – 8With the weight on your heels, split toes away from each other. Bring toes back to centre.

Start Again!

Ending: As the music comes to an end on Wall 14, you will be facing the back wall (6.00) after completing Section 1 (step touches.)
Simply cross the right foot over the Left and unwind 1/2 Turn Left to finish facing the front.

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