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Kiss Me

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Bev Bickhoff (AUS) - April 2022
Kiss Me - Casey Donahew : (iTunes)
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1 Restart, 1 Tag/Restart
32 Count intro (start on lyrics), Weight on left

[1 – 8] Forward, Forward, Forward, Kick, Shuffle Back, Back, Rock
1 – 4Step R forward, Step L forward, Step R forward, Kick L forward
5&6Shuffle back: Step L back, Step R beside left, Step L back
7 8Step R back, Rock forward onto L

[9 – 16] Side, Together, Side, Hold, Cross, Rock, ¼ Shuffle
1 – 4Step R to side, Step L beside right, Step R to side ++, Hold
5 6Cross L over right, Rock/Recover onto R
7&8## Turn 90° left shuffle forward: Step L fwd, Step R beside left, Step L fwd ## 9

[17 – 24] Rocking Chair, Step, Paddle, Step, Paddle
1 – 4Step R forward, Rock back onto L, Step R back, Rock forward onto L
5 6Step R forward, Turn 90° left step L to left side 6
7 8Step R forward, Turn 90° left step L to left side 3

[25 – 32] Shuffle Forward, Step, Pivot, Step, Touch, Kick-Ball-Step
1&2Shuffle forward: Step R forward, Step L beside right, Step R forward
3 4Step L forward, Turning 180°right step R forward 3
5 6Step L forward, Touch R beside left
7&8Kick R forward, Step ball of R beside left, Step L forward

Restart: On Wall 3 dance to Count 16 ## and restart at 3 o’clock. ##

Tag/Restart: On Wall 6 dance to Count 11++ and replace the “Hold” count with the following Tag to restart at 9 o’clock: “Step L beside right”

Finish: The dance finishes at the end of Wall 11 at the back wall. Just add a “Step, Pivot” to finish at the front wall.

Please note – the dance finishes before the last 20 seconds of the music kicks back in.


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