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Kiss Me Boots

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Wayne Beazley (AUS) & Kevin Smith (AUS) - March 2018
Come Kiss Me Boots - Gord Bamford : (Album: Tin Roof - iTunes - 3:51)
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Start dance on vocals wash my ‘TRUCK’ - Rotates CW

S1: Rock R side, Recover, R Behind, L Side, R Across, L fwd, pivot 1/2R, pivot 1/4R
123&4Rock R to side, recover, R behind & L to side, R across L
5678Step L fwd, pivot 1/2R, L fwd, pivot 1/4R (9.oo)

S2: Rock L across R, Recover, Full turn L - triple step, R across, L to side, R behind, R Balljack, R tog
123&4Rock L across R, Recover, turning full turn L - step LRL (triple step)
567&8&R across L, L to side, R behind L & L back at diagonal, R45 & step R tog

S3: L across R, Touch R, balljack, L tog, Scuff R, R to side, 2 x L heel taps, L tog, R Kick, R brush, R Kick, R tog
12&Step L across R (to face 10.30), Touch R behind L & (stay facing 10.30) Step R Slightly Back
3&4&touch L heel fwd & step L tog (straightening up to 9 oclock), scuff R beside L & (turning body to 7.30) Step R to side
56&(with body facing 7.30) Touch L toe fwd bouncing L heel x 2 & step L tog
7&8&kick R fwd & brush R across L, kick R fwd & step R tog

S4: L fwd, pivot 1/2R, shuffle fwd, full turn fwd, 1/4L Scissor
123&4Step L fwd, pivot 1/2R, shuffle fwd LRL (3.oo)
567&8Step fwd R, L - turning full turn L, step R fwd & step L tog turning 1/4L, step R across L (12.oo)
( Restart wall 3, here count 7,8, ¼ pivot left, ) (12.oo)

S5: L to side, R sailor, L sailor 1/4R, 1/2R - R fwd, shuffle fwd
12&3step L to side, R sailor,
4&5L sailor turning 1/4R (3.oo)
67&8turning 1/2R - Step R fwd, shuffle fwd LRL (9.oo)

S6: Rock fwd, recover, R tog, L back, hold, R tog, 1/2L toe turn, shuffle fwd
12&34&Rock fwd on R, recover & step R tog, touch L toe back, hold & R tog
567&8touch L toe back, unwind 1/2L, shuffle fwd RLR (3.oo)

S7: L fwd, scuff up, L balljack, L tog, touch R tog, hop to R, touch L tog, hold, hop to L, touch R tog, hold
1 2&step L fwd, scuff R beside L & R back
3&4L45 & L tog, touch R tog
&5 6 &hop R to R side, touch L tog, hold
&7 8 &hop L to L side, touch R tog, hold

S8: R to side, L sailor, R behind, L to side, R across, L to side, 1/4R - R to side, L across
12&3Step R to side, L sailor
4&56Step R behind L & L to side, step R across L, step L to side
78Turn 1/4R - step R to side, step L across R (6.oo)


Wayne - Kevin


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