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Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

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Nicola Lafferty (UK) - September 2012
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye - Luke Bryan
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Intro: 32 Count Intro

[1-8] Cha Cha Basic to Sweep, Weave, Rock, Recover, Behind, Side
1,2&Step RF to R side, Close LF to RF, Step RF in place
3Step LF in place as you sweep RF from front to back
4&5Cross RF behind LF, Step LF to L side, Cross RF over LF
6,7Facing 10.30, Rock LF fwd, Recover to RF
8&Step LF back, square up to 12.00 as you step RF to R side

[9-16] Walk to diagonal, Hold, Walk, Rock Recover, ½ Turn, Syncopated lock steps
1,2Facing 1.30, Step LF fwd, Hold
3Step RF fwd
4&Rock LF fwd, recover weight to Rf as you begin to ½ turn over L shoulder
5&Completing ½ turn to face 7.30, Step LF fwd, Lock RF behind LF
6&Step LF fwd, Lock RF behind LF
7&8Step LF fwd, Lock RF behind LF, Step LF fwd
* On Wall 4, Restart the dance here. Square up to 12.00 and begin again.

[17-25] & Step, Hold, Turn, Side Chasse, Rock Recover, Side Chasse
&1Facing 7.30, Step RF fwd, Lock LF behind RF
3Unwind just over a ¾ turn to L to face 9.00, putting weight to LF
4&5Step RF to R side, Close LF to RF, Step RF to R side
6,7Cross rock LF over RF
8&1Step LF to L side, Close RF to LF, Step LF to L side (face 9.00)

[26-32] Rock Recover, Triple Fwd, Side Touches
2,3Rock RF back, Recover weight to LF
4&5Step RF fwd, close LF to RF, Step RF fwd
&6Close LF to RF, Touch R toe to R side
&7Close RF to LF, Touch L toe to L side
&8Close LF to RF, Touch RF to R side (face 9.00)

Note: There is 1 Restart, after 16 counts on Wall 4



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