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Kissing Boys!

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Intermediate / Advanced NC
Guillaume Richard (FR) & Niels Poulsen (DK) - April 2022
Boys In the Street - A Great Big World
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Intro: There’s no distinct beat to follow during the intro of the song. Listen to the lyrics instead: start on word YOUNG in ‘When I was younger’, 17 secs into track. Start with weight on L
*1 restart: On wall 4, after 16 counts, facing 6:00. However, you need to change some steps to be able to do this and facing 6:00. See detailed description at bottom of step sheet
Phrasing: 32, 32, 8 (counts 25-32), 16 (restart), 32, 8 (counts 25-32), 32, 32, 8 (counts 25-32), 5 (counts 25-29).
Ending: The ending comes very natural: step R fwd and blow your kiss on count 29, facing 12:00
Note: We dedicate this dance to all the parents who support their kids no matter their sexuality

[1 – 8] Point R back, ½ R, out RL, pop & sweep, cross mambo, cross, lunge R
1 – 2Point R backwards (1), turn ½ R on L [weight still on L] (2) - Note: R foot should stay pointed 6:00
a3Step R back and out to R side (a), step L back and out to L side (3) 6:00
4&5Pop R knee L changing weight to L (4), recover on R (&), recover on L sweeping R fwd (5) 6:00
6&aCross R over L (6), rock L to L side (&), recover on R (a) 6:00
7 – 8Cross L over R (7), lunge R to R side (8) 6:00

[9 – 16] ½ L sweep, cross, side L, tap behind, side rock, behind sweep, behind, ¾ R, R coaster
1 – 2When recovering onto L you sweep R a ½ L (1), cross R over L (2) 12:00
a3Step L to L side (a), tap R behind L (3) 12:00
4&5Rock R to R side (4), recover on L (&), cross R behind L sweeping L out to L side (5) 12:00
6&7Cross L behind R (6), turn ¼ R stepping R fwd (&), turn ½ R stepping back on L (7) 9:00
&8&Step back on R (&), step L next to R (8), step R fwd (&) 9:00

[17 – 24] Fwd L sweep, weave sweep, behind ¼ R, ¼ R into L basic, ¼ R fwd R, step ½ R
1Step L fwd sweeping R fwd (1) 9:00
2&3Cross R over L (2), step L to L side (&), cross R behind L sweeping L out to L side (3) 9:00
4&Cross L behind R (4), turn ¼ R stepping R fwd (&) 12:00
5 – 6&Turn ¼ R stepping L a big step L (5), close R behind L (6), cross L over R (&) 3:00
7 – 8&Turn ¼ R stepping R fwd (7), step L fwd (8), turn ½ R stepping onto R (&) 12:00

[25 – 32] Rock L fwd, back L, out RL, hands on mouth, kiss and walk RL, step ½ L, R rock step
1 – 2&Rock L fwd pointing R index finger [‘My son] (1), recover back on R placing R hand on chest/heart (2), step back on L placing L hand on top of R hand (&) 12:00
a3Step R back and out to R side bringing R arm out to R side and down with palm of R hand facing 12:00 (a), step L back and out to L side bringing L arm out to L side and down with palm of L hand facing 12:00 (3) 12:00
4 – 6Change weight to L foot placing R then L hand on mouth (4), blow a kiss moving hands forward and walk R fwd (5), walk L fwd (6) 12:00
7&8&Step R fwd (7), turn ½ L onto L (&), rock R fwd (8), recover back on L (&) 6:00

Start Again!

NOTE! Now, because of the phrasing of the song there are a couple of amendments and 1 restart
8&Amendments on walls 2, 4, 6 and 7 (facing 12:00, 12:00, 6:00 and 12:00):
At the end of the above walls the bit in the song about kissing boys is repeated which means you will be repeating counts 25-32.
To be able to do this you must change the last 2 counts of the main dance (32&), in this case counts 8&. The minor but important change is this:
Step R fwd (8), drag L next to R (&) … That way you can start rocking fwd on L on count 25

Restart There is 1 restart in the dance. It happens on wall 4, after 16 counts.
To be able to do this restart you must change the steps from counts 6&7&8& in the 2nd section to the following:
6&7 -Cross L behind R (6), step R to R side (&), step L fwd (7),
8&rock R fwd (8), recover back on L (&) 6:00

Extra! Because wall 7 is all instrumental don’t do any hand/arm movements during counts 25-32 - 6:00


Lynn M April 29, 2022
Absolutely love this. Great track, brilliant choreography, will teach it next week 🥰

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