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Intermediate level
Kris Lundberg - June 2007
Excuse Me Mister - No Doubt
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Stretch for the first 48 Counts ? I mean it! 
1, 2 Hitch Right Foot whilst doing a ¼ turn (Facing 3:00) 
&3, 4 Recover on Right, Rock Forward on Left, Step Forward on Right 
5, 6 Lunge up on Left, Touch Right 
7, 8 ¼ Turn, Lunge up on Right, Touch Left (Facing 6:00) 
9-12 Right Skate, Left Skate, Right Skate, Right Touch 
13-16 Left Skate, Right Skate, Left Skate, Left Step 
17, 18 Kickbox Right Leg to Right Side and Recover 
19, 20 Clockwise dip, weight on left hip 
21-22 Right shoulder pulse, Left Shoulder pulse 
23-24 Squat, ½ turn Right (Facing 12:00) 
25-28 Weave Left foot over traveling right with heel touch, Hold 
29-32 Weave Right over traveling left with heel touch 
33-36 Right Toe Touch, Hold, Left Toe Touch, Hold 
37-40 ½ Turn Left and Kick Ball Change (Facing 6:00) 
41-44 Step out Right to right side, ½ Turn Right, ½ Turn Right 
&45-48 ½ Turn Right, Raise Left Front and slap with Right Hand, Raise Left Front and slap with Left Hand, Hold for 47, Slap both legs on 48 (Facing 12:00) 
49-50 Lunge out on left foot and bring right foot to left 
51-52 Ankle Break Left, Ankle Break Right 
53-54 Hop out on both legs so legs are wider than shoulder width apart, Hold 
55-56 Hold, Right Ball Change 
57-58 ¼ Turn, Step Forward on Left, Touch Right (Facing 9:00) 
59-60 Swing Right Back and Touch Left 
61-64 Touch Right, Touch Left (Repeat) 
65-68 Step left back with Right Knee Pop, Step Right Back with Left Knee Pop, Coaster 
69-70 Step Right Forward, Body Roll Up 
71-72 Hop on both feet and ¼ Left (Facing 6:00) 
Repeat and don?t forget to breathe. 
Tag is done only after the 1st Wall - 8 Counts Jumping Up & Down (not too high) 
NOTE: I added clock notations to keep in check. Please note, these only work for the front wall  


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