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La Bamba 3x

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Low Improver
Heru Tian (INA) - August 2020
Dj R'an - La Bamba (feat. Jota Efe)
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No Tag, 5 Restarts
Intro : 32 Counts
*Restart At Wall 2(24), 5(8), 7(24), 10(8), 12(24)

Section 1 : Pivot ½ Turn L- Step Lock Step- Rock Fwd- Recover- Coaster Step
1-2 Step Fwd (Rf), ½ Turn L (Lf) Facing 6.00
3&4 Step (Rf), Lock (Lf), Step (Rf)
5-6 Rock Fwd (Lf), Recover (Rf)
7&8 Back (Lf), Together (Rf), Fwd (Lf)
*Restart At Wall 5 & 10 After 8c

Section 2 : Pivot ¼ Turn L- Cross Shuffle- Siderock- Recover- Cross- Touch
1-2 Step Fwd (Rf), ¼ Turn L (Lf) Facing 3.00
3&4 Cross (Rf), Together (Lf), Cross (Rf)
5-8 Siderock (Lf), Recover (Rf), Cross (Lf) Front Rf, Touch (Rf)

Section 3 : Side- Together- Back Lock Back- Side- Together- Side Shuffle
1-2 Side (Rf), Together (Lf)
3&4 Back (Rf), Lock (Lf), Back (Rf)
5-6 Side (Lf), Together (Rf)
7&8 Side (Lf), Together (Rf), Side (Lf)
*Restart At Wall 2, 7, And 12 After 24c

Section 4 : Crossrock- Recover- Side- Together- Shimmy- Touch- Shimmy- Touch
1-2 Crossrock (Rf), Recover (Lf)
3-4 Side (Rf), Together (Lf)
5-8 Shimmy Side (Rf), Touch (Lf), Shimmy Side (Lf), Touch (Rf)



Teddy Bandung August 8, 2020
Qyen oyy ...👍👍👍

MeiLestari August 8, 2020
Aku sudah buat demonya.. Nice dance..👍

Heru Tian August 8, 2020
Thank you everyone for your supports... 🙏🙏🙏

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