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La LLama

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Intermediate / Advanced
Maria Maag (DK) - August 2011
La Llama - Chris Ice : (Album: Explosion Latina)
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Restart : On wall 3 after 32& count of dance. Restart the dance with a side step R on count 1.
Ending : Wall 8 after 33 count ( see below for details )

Intro: 64 counts from first beat in music, Weight on L

[1 – 8] Side step, rock recover, back lock step, back rock, kick ball
1-2-3Step R to side(1), turn 1/8 R and rock L fw(2), recover R(3) 01:30
4&5Step back L(4), lock R in front of L(&), step back L(5)
6-7Rock back R(6), recover L(7)
8&Kick R fw(8), step R next to L(&) 01:30

[9 – 16] 3/8 turn R point, cross rock side, cross rock, chasse R
1-2-3Bend R knee and turn on your R 3/8 R and point L to side(1) slowly stretching R leg while sliding L next to R(2-3) 06:00
4&5Cross rock L over R(4), recover R(&), step L to side(5)
6-7Cross rock R over L(6), recover L(7)
8&Step R to side(8), step L next to R(&) 06:00

[17 – 24] ¼ turn R, step ½ turn R, lock step fw, walk walk, touch
1-2-3Turn ¼ R and step fw. R(1), step fw. L(2), make a ½ turn R and step fw. R(3) 03:00
4&5Step fw. L(4), lock R behind L(&), step fw. L(5)
6-7Walk fw. R(6), walk fw. L(7)
8Touch R next to L and cross your R knee in front of L(8) 03:00

[25 – 32] ¼ turn R side cross side point, sailor ½ turn L cross L, unwind ½ turn R, step step
1-2-3Step down R and turn ¼ R and point L to side(1), cross point L over R(2), point L to side(3) 06:00
4&5Cross L behind R and turn ¼ L(4),turn ¼ L and step R to side(&), cross L over R(5) 12:00
6-7Hold(6) make a ½ unwind R on L and sit in L hip(7) 06:00
8&Step R next to L(8), step L in place(&) * Restart here on wall 3 06:00

[33 – 40] Step walk walk, rock recover ½ L, step ½ turn L, kick ball
1-2-3Step R to side(1), walk fw. L(2), walk fw. R(3) 06:00
4&5Rock fw. L(4), recover R(&), make a ½ turn L and step fw. L(5) 12:00
6-7Step fw. R(6)Make a ½ turn L and step fw. L(7) 06:00
8&Kick R. fw(8), step R next to L(&)

[41 – 48] Touch hip bump fw. back, Batukara R touch L, hip bump fw. coasterstep
1-2-3Touch L fw(1), hip bump fw. L(2) hip bump back R(3) 06:00
&4&5Step L next to R(&), touch R fw(4), step R next to L(&), touch L fw(5)
6-7Hip bump fw. L(6), hip bump back R(7)
8&Step L next to R(8), step fw R(&) 06:00

[49 – 56] Scissor ¼ turn R, chasse R, weave 1/8 L hitch behind side 1/8 L
1-2-3Step fw. L(1), step R next to L and make a ¼ turn R(2), cross L over R(3) 09:00
4&5Step R to side(4), step L next to R(&), step R to side(5) 09:00
6&7Cross L over R(6), step R to side(&), make a 1/8 turn L and step L behind R (7) 07:30
&8&Hitch R knee(&), step diagonally back R(8), make a 1/8 turn L and step L to side(&) 06:00

[57 – 64] Cross step and sway L and R, behind side, 1/8 turn R rock recover “pose” turn 1/8 L
1-2-3Cross R over L(1), step L to side and sway L(2), sway R(3) 06:00
4&Cross L behind R(4), step R to side(&)
5-6-7Make a 1/8 turn R and rock L fw(5), recover R(6), step L next to R and rise on ball of both feet(7) 07:30
8Turn 1/8 L and step down L(8) 06:00

Ending: Hold for about 2 counts( listen to the music) then do a pose POW




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