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La Playa Del Sol (Sun Beach)

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Intermediate Latin Disco Rhythm
Gordon Timms (UK) & Tina Summerfield (UK) - June 2011
La Playa Del Sol - Estrella : (CD: "La Playa Del Sol" or CD - Single)
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32 Count ‘Vocal’ Introduction… Start on main vocals at track time 20’….

Section 1: Cross Rock Recover, Small Step Right, Cross Rock Recover, Step Cross ¼ Right, ½ Turn Right, Step Forward Left
1 - 2Cross Rock Right Over left. Recover onto Left.
& 3 4Small step to right side on Right. Cross Rock Left Over Right. Recover onto Right.
& 5 6Step Left to Left Side, Cross Right over Left. Step Left back making a ¼ Turn Right. (3.00)
7 – 8Make a ½ Turn Right Stepping Forward Right, (9.00) Step Forward Left. Faces: 9.00

Section 2: Point. Hook ½ Turn Right. Right Shuffle Two Walks. Jazz Jump, Step Forward.
1 - 2Point Right To Right Side Hook Right whilst Make ½ turn Right on Ball of Left Foot.
3 & 4Shuffle Forward Right .Left. Right
5 – 6Walk Forward Left. Walk Forward Right.
&7Step left small step to Left Side, Step Right small Step to Right Side.
8Step Forward on Left. Faces: 3.00

Section 3: Rock, Recover, Right Coaster Step, Step Pivot ¼ Turn Right, Left Crossing Shuffle
1 – 2Rock Forward on the Right, Recover onto Left.
3 & 4Step back on the Right, Step back on the Left next To Right, Step Forward on the Right.
5 – 6Step Forward on the Left, Pivot ¼ Turn Right.
7 & 8Cross Left over Right, Small Step Right to Right side, Cross Left over Right Faces: 6.00

Section 4: Side Rock, Recover, Behind Side Cross. Step left to left. Hold. Ball Step, Ball Step.
1 – 2Rock Right out to Right side. Recover weight onto Left.
3 & 4Step Right Behind Left. Step left to Left Side. Cross Right Over Left
5 – 6Step Left to Left Side. Hold.
&7Step Right Beside Left. Step Left to Left Side.
&8Step Right Beside Left. Step Left to Left Side. (Restart here facing 6.00) Faces: 6.00

Section 5: Cross Rock. Recover. ¼ Turn, ½ Turn, Steps Back with Hip Bumps x2
1 - 2Cross Rock right over Left. Recover onto Left
3 – 4Step forward on Right making ¼ turn Right . Step Back on Left making ½ Turn Right. (3.00)
5 & 6Step Back on Right bumping Hips Back. Bump Hips Forward, Bump Hips Back
7 & 8Step Back on Left bumping Hips Back. Bump Hips Forward. Bump Hips Back. Faces: 3.00

Section 6: Ball change .Walk Forward x 2 Cross Samba .Cross Hitch .Cross.
&1 -2 - 3Step Back on ball of right transfer weight onto left. Walk Forward Right. Walk Forward Left.
4 & 5Cross Right over left .Rock Left out to Left Side. Recover onto Right.
6 – 7 - 8Cross Left over Right. Hitch right Knee (slightly across Left and swivelling slightly on Left to Left Diagonal). Cross Right over Left. Faces: 3.00

Section 7: Ball Cross Step Back ¼ turn Right, Step Side Cross, Full Turn Left (Option: or Extended Vine)
& 1 – 2Step Ball of Left to Left. Cross Right over Left. Step Back on Left Making ¼ Turn Right. (6.00)
3 – 4Step Right to Right Side. Cross Left over Right.
5 – 6Step Back on Right ¼ Turn Left. (3.00) Step Forward on Left ½ Turn Left. (9.00)
7 – 8Step Right To Right Side ¼ Turn Left, Rock weight back on to Left. Faces: 6.00

Section 8: Scissor Step. Step Back ¼ Turn Right. Touch. Step forward ½ Turn Right. Touch Step Side ¼ Turn Right Touch.
(Wiggle hips on Touches!!)
& 1 – 2Step Ball of Right to Right .Close Left to Right. Cross right over Left.
3 – 4Step Back on Left making ¼Turn Right. (9.00) Touch Right beside Left. (Bump Hips Right Left on the touch)
5 – 6Step Forward on Right making ½ Turn Right. (3.00) Touch Left beside Right. (Bump Hips Left Right on the touch)
7 – 8Step Left to Left Side making ¼ Turn Right, Touch Right beside Left Faces: 6.00

RESTARTS: On walls 3 and 5….dance through to 32 counts and then re-start the dance again (Facing 6.00)

Ending: At the end of wall 8 - (12.00) Dance the first 4 counts of the dance, step left next to right and pose!

Line Dance Latin with Gordon & Glenys (UK) - Home: 01793 490697 Mobile: 07787 383059
Website: - E-Mail:

Tina Summerfield – Nuline Dance Dorset (UK) - Home: 01202 565889 Mobile: 07500 966362
Website: - E-Mail:


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