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Late Night Habits

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Julia Wetzel (USA) - July 2021
Bad Habits - Ed Sheeran
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Intro: 64 counts of vocal, start dance on first heavy beat with lyrics "to LATE night"
(41 sec. into original track or 30 sec. into my short version)

[1 - 8] Side Rock, Cross Shuffle, Back, Side, Cross, ¼ L Back
1, 2Rock R to right side (1), Recover L (2) 12:00
3&4Cross R over L (3), Step L to left side (&), Cross R over L (4) 12:00
5, 6Step L back slightly to left side (5), Step R to right side slightly back (6) 12:00
7, 8Cross L over R (7), ¼ Turn left step R back (8) 9:00
[9 - 16] Back, Touch, Back, Touch, Back Rock, Walk L R/Full Turn R
1- 4Step L back (1), Touch R fw (2), Step R back (3), Touch L fw (4) 9:00
5, 6Rock L back (5), Recover R (6) 9:00
7, 8Step L fw (7), Step R fw (8)
Turning Option: ½ Turn right step L back (7), ½ Turn right step R fw (8) 9:00
[17- 24] ¼ R Hip Roll (2x), Cross, Side, Syncopated Vine
1 - 4Step L fw and roll hip CW making ¼ turn right take weight on R (1-2), Repeat for (3-4) 3:00
5, 6Cross L over R (5), Step R to right side (6) 3:00
7&8Step L behind R (7), Step R to right side (&), Cross L over R (8) 3:00
Optional Fun Tag: On Wall 5 you can replace the last 8 counts of dance (25-32) with the following:
Cross R over L (1), Unwind ½ turn left over 3 counts (2-4) to face 9:00 weight ends on L, Step R to right side (5), Touch L next to R (6), Step L to left side (7), Touch R next to L (8) Start Wall 6 facing 9:00
[25 - 32] Side, Hold, &Side, Hold, &Side Rock, Behind, ¼ L
1, 2&Step R to right side (1), Hold (2), Step L next to R (&) 3:00
3, 4&Step R to right side (3), Hold (4), Step L next to R (&) 3:00
5 - 8Rock R to right side (5), Recover L (6), Step R behind L (7), ¼ Turn left step L fw (8) 12:00
1¼ Turn left rock R to right side (1) 9:00
Tag: After Wall 3, do the following 4-count Tag (Side Touches) before you start Wall 4 at 3:00:
Step R to right side (1), Touch L next to R (2), Step L to left side (3), Touch R next to L (4)
Start Wall 4 facing 3:00
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Last Update - 11 July 2021


Anna Luvee July 10, 2021
Vote 3 πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸ’ž

bbeerrtthhaa July 10, 2021
Love it!!

Julia1wetzel July 10, 2021
Thank you for voting Anna Luvee

Julia1wetzel July 10, 2021
Thanks Bertha! Glad you like it. xx

You're good Julia ,you are very good ......The orig track is just 9 secs shy of 4mins so your short version is perfect for a 32 count 4 wall dance. I love Gary and Maggie's dance to , and love the energies of both. It is going to be interesting to see which dance out of the two accrues the most votes and popularity. Thank you for your ingenuity we can always rely on you to think outside of the box. I look forward to be teaching yours first this week ... Best Wishes ,stay safe Vicky North Wales UK XX

Julia1wetzel July 13, 2021
Vicky - Thanks a lot for teaching my dance.

Julia1wetzel July 13, 2021
Vicky - I hope both dances get lots of votes... Perhaps from different levels of dancers. ;-) From teaching my own classes, I've come to appreciate the virtue of short versions of songs for some dances. Thank you for your insightful feedback and for your nice comments on my choreography. xx

PatL July 13, 2021
Very nice dance, Julia! Great song, too!

Julia1wetzel July 13, 2021
Thank you PatL. I love this song! :-) xx

Loveslinedancing July 16, 2021
I love it! This version will be perfect for my class. Thank you for your continued beautiful choreography. Jeanne C.

Julia1wetzel July 16, 2021
Thank you Jeanne for your kind words and thanks a lot for teaching my dance. xx

Selvin July 18, 2021
Great it
Vote 39

Julia1wetzel July 18, 2021
Selvin, Thank you for voting. Glad you like it. xx

Squidgy July 31, 2021
Very favourable responses from my classes, Julie. Even those who go to other classes and learned Maggie's as well, prefer yours. :-) Thank you. xx

Julia1wetzel August 3, 2021
Wow, thank you so much Squidgy! That is a very nice compliment. I appreciate your feedback. xx

step5678 August 21, 2021
Love it..... teaching It in September!

Cathy DENIS August 23, 2021
Thank you Julia for this beautiful dance. I love it !

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