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Intermediate NC2
Craig Bennett (UK) & Pat Stott (UK) - August 2015
Have I Told You Lately - Rod Stewart
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Commence on the word "told" - (No Tags Or Restarts)

Side, rock back, recover, forward, forward, 1/2 pivot, press, recover, back rock, 1/2 turn, step to diagonal
1, 2&Step right to right, rock back on left, recover on right
3, 4&Step forward on left, step forward on right, 1/2 pivot left (weight on left) (6 o'clock)
5-6Press forward on right, recover on left
7&Rock back on right (behind left), recover on left (preparing for the turn)
8Turn 1/2 left stepping back on right (12 o'clock)
&Turn 1/8 left stepping on left towards corner (10.30)

Walk, walk, step, 1/2 pivot, step forward, full turn, rock, recover, back, 1/4 turn right and step diagonally forward
1-2Walk forward right, left (towards 10.30)
3&Step forward on right, 1/2 pivot left (weight on left) (4.30)
4Step forward on right
5&Turn 1/2 right stepping back on left, 1/2 right stepping forward on right
6-7Rock forward on left, recover on right (4.30)
8&Step back on left, turn 1/4 right stepping right forward towards 7.30

Walk, press, recover, back, slide, run back - left, right, step to side and sway, sway, sway, step, cross
1,2&Walk forward on left, press right forward, recover on left (7.30)
3Large step back on right and slide left toe towards right
4&Run back- left, right
5,6,7Squaring up to 6 o'clock step left to left and sway left, sway right, sway left
8&Step right to right, cross left over right

Night club basic right then left, rock back, recover, 2 prissy walks, rock recover, 1/2 turn, 3/4 turn
1,2&Large step to right, rock left behind right, step right slightly across left
3,4&Large step to left, rock back on right, step left slightly across right
5-6 2prissy walks forward - right, left
7&8Rock forward on right, recover on left, turn 1/2 right stepping forward on right
&Close left to right and pencil turn 3/4 right (weight ending on left)
(Facing 9 o'clock start the dance again)

As music fades at the end of the track turn to 12 o'clock and pose!
Easier ending-
7& Rock forward on right, recover on left
8& Turn 1/4 right stepping right to right, cross left over right

Last Update - 16th Aug 2015


DEB1 August 30, 2015
Love this 'challenging' dance - deserves to be a big hit ;)

Serious Dancer August 31, 2015
Beautiful song and dance. It was such a wonderful opportunity to learn it from Craig in person at the WDM!

whitehouse September 5, 2015
As a rod fan i think this is a wonderful dance . Well done craig. Cant wait to learn it. Hope it does well for you

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