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Latin And Lace
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Phrased Intermediate
He Llorado (Como Un Nino) by Juan Magan (feat. Gente De Zona)
Intro: 16 Counts, Approx 11 secs.
Sequence: A, A, B, B, B, B, B, B, A, B, B, A, Ending.
Counts/Walls: A 32 Counts, 2 walls. -- B 32 Counts, 4 walls.

Part A: 32 counts
A1: Side, Drag, Rock Forward, Recover, ¼ turn L, Drag, Step, Pivot ½ turn L
1-2Step R to right side, drag L to R
3-4Rock forward on L, recover on R
5-6Make a 1/4 turn left stepping forward on L (9.00), drag R to L
7-8Step forward on R, pivot 1/2 turn left

A2: ¼ turn L, Drag, Diagonal Rock, Recover, Step, Drag, Rock Forward, Recover
1-2Make a 1/4 turn L and step R to right side, drag L to R (12:00)
3-4Rock diagonally back on L, recover on R (10.30)
5-6Staying on diagonal step forward on L, drag R to L
7-8Rock forward on R, recover on L

A3: Step back, Sweep, Behind, Side, Cross, Sweep, Cross, Side
1-2Step back on R, sweep L from front to back squaring to wall (9.00)
3-4Step L behind R, step R to right side
5-6Step L across R, sweep R from back to front
7-8Step R across L, step L to left side

A4: Cross, Sweep, Cross, Side, Behind, Sweep, Behind, 1/4 turn L
1-2Step R across L, sweep L from back to front
3-4Step L across R, step R to right side
5-6Step L behind R, sweep R from front to back
7-8Step R behind L, Make a 1/4 turn left stepping step L forward (6.00)

Part B: 32 counts
B1: Rock back with 1/8 turn L, Recover, Diagonal lock step, Step, ½ turn R, Diagonal lock step
1-2Make 1/8 turn left rocking back on R (10:30), recover on L
3&4Staying on diagonal step forward on R, lock L behind R, step forward on R
5-6Step forward on L, pivot 1/2 turn right (4:30)
7&8Step forward on L, Lock R behind L, step forward on L

B2: Side Rock with 1/8 turn, Cross Samba, Cross, ¼ turn L, ¼ turn L, Side Chasse L
1-2Rock R to right side turning 1/8 left (3.00), recover on L
3&4Step R across L, rock L to left side, recover on R
5-6Step L across R, ¼ turn left stepping back on R (12.00)
7&8Make a 1/4 turn left stepping L to left side (9.00), step R next to L, step L to left side

B3: Syncopated Rocking Chair to Diagonal, Cross, Side, Close, Cross, Sweep ¼ turn L, Rock and Cross
1&2&Rock forward to L diagonal with R (7:30), Recover onto L, Rock back on R, Recover onto L
3&4Cross R over L, Step L to L side, Close R next to L squaring up to (9:00)
5-6Step forward on L, Make a ¼ turn L sweeping R around ending touched next to L (6.00)
7&8Rock R to R side, Recover onto L, Cross R over L
Note: For an easier option on counts 1-2 instead of Rocking Chair you can just point R Forward, Back, if you find the Rocking Chair a little quick.

B4: Rock to L diagonal, Recover, Behind, Side, Cross with 1/4 turn L, Rock Forward, Recover, Diagonal back Touches
1-2Rock forward on L to L diagonal (4.30), Recover onto R
3&4Cross L behind R, Step R to R side, Make a ¼ turn R and step forward on L (9:00)
5-6Rock Forward on R, Recover onto L
&7&8Step diagonally back R on R, touch L next to R, step diagonally back L on L, touch R next to L (9:00)

Ending: (Facing 12:00)
1-8With R hand make a big circle clockwise in front of your body clicking fingers 8 times
1-8With L hand make a big circle anticlockwise in front of your body clicking fingers 8 times
1Stomp forward with R and strike a pose!

Hope you enjoy the dance.
Live to Love; Dance to Express.

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