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Lean on Me

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Åsa Gustafsson (SWE) - November 2020
Lean on Me - Sandro Cavazza
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Starts 16 count in (12 sec, you are right when the skate part fits with lyrics: If you smiiile and next skate fits: If you cryyy..... at first wall)

[1-8]: Charleston step, R and L locksteps
1 Step fwd on R
2; Sweep L from back and point L fwd, slightly across R
3 Sweep L from front and back, weight on L
4 Sweep R from front and back, tuch behind L
5&6 R to right diagonal, stepp L behind R & fwd on R
7&8 L to left diagonal, Stepp R behind L & fwd on L

[9-16]: R side together R chassé. L cross rock, L chassé ¼ turn L (9)
1,2, 3&4 R to right, L beside R. Step R to right L beside R & R to right.
5,6, 7&8 Stepp L across R. Weight back on R. Step L to left, R beside L & turn ¼ left stepping fwd on L (9)

[17-24]: R Skate, R shuffle. L skate, L shuffle
1,2 3&4 Glide diagonally on R then L. Step to the right diagonal on R, L beside R & fwd on R,
5,6 7&8 Glide diagonaly on L then R. Step to the left diagonal on L, R beside L & fwd on L.

[25-32]: step turn, step turn with finger snap. Jazzbox
1 step fwd on R leaning to R snap fingers with R hand
2 turn ½ L stepping on L (3) (Ending here (3), turn ¼ to the front instead of ½ turn to 9)
3 step fwd on R leaning to R snap fingers with R hand
4 turn ½ L stepping on L (9)
5,6,7,8 R Jazzbox ends weight on L

Enjoy the dance no tags or restarts
Stay safe and take care. Lean on me, it's good to have some one to lean on


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