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Learning About Love

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Rhoda Lai (CAN) - March 2016
"I'm Learning About Love" by Brenda Lee (2:40)
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Intro: 16 counts

Note: Restarts during Walls 3 and 6 (see below)

S1: R Out-clap, L Out-clap, R Coaster Step, L Kick-cross-back, Shuffle ½ L
1&2&Step R to R diagonal pushing hips to R side, clap, step L to L diagonal pushing hips to L side, clap
3&4Step back R, step L beside R, step forward R
5&6Kick forward L, cross L over R, step back R pushing hips back
7&8¼ L stepping L forward, step R beside L, ¼ L stepping L forward (6:00)

S2: ¼ L R Side Rock, R Kick-cross, L Side-rock-cross, Hip Bumps RL, RLR
1&2&¼ L rock R to the side, recover onto L, kick R forward (a low kick), cross R over L (3:00)
3&4Rock L to the side, recover onto R, cross L over R
56Step forward R while bumping hips forward (weight on R), bump hips back (weight on L)
7&8Bump hips forward, bump hips back, bump hips forward

S3: L Pivot ½ R - L Hitch, Boogie Walk LRL, R Charleston Steps, L Charleston Steps
1&2Step forward L, pivot ½ R, hitch L knee (9:00)
3&4Boogie walk LRL
*** Restart here during Walls 3 &6
56Touch R forward, step back R
78Touch L back, step forward L

S4: R Lock Steps, L Pivot ¼ R - L Cross, R Out-in-side, Tuck L Behind, Unwind ¾ L
1&2Step forward R, lock L behind R, step forward R
3&4Step forward L, pivot ¼ R, cross L over R (12:00)
5&6Touch R to R side, touch R beside L, take a big step to the R side
78Tuck L behind R, unwind ¾ L ending weight on L (3:00)

***Restarts: During wall 3 (6:00) & wall 6 (9:00), restart the dance after 20 counts (wall 3 at 3:00, wall 6 at 6:00)

Contact: - 1(647) 295-3833 -



Sassy Stepper March 18, 2016
Fun, fun, fun. Will be teaching this soon. Thank you Rhoda!

Sassy Stepper March 18, 2016
Fun, fun, fun. Will be teaching this soon. Thank you Rhoda!

Rhoda Lai March 21, 2016
Thanks a lot! Enjoy your teach and hope that they have fun with it. :)

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