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Let Me Stay

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High Improver NC2S
Rex Chuan – May 2019
"Let Me Stay" (能不能) by Stream Of Praise Music Ministries 讚美之泉
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Start: after 32 counts, with vocal

S1: Rock, Recover, Weave Turn, Sway, Sway, Pique Turn, Two Step Turn
12&3&4&RF rock back(1), recover(2), RF forward(&), LF cross behind RF(3), RF R(&), R quarter turn and LF L(4), RF cross behind LF(&)
56&LF L(5), sway R(6), sway L(&)
78&LF hitch(7) and R 3/4 turn, LF backward(8), R half turn and RF forward(&) (6:00)

S2: Jump Sailor Step, Rock, Recover, Two Step Turn, Sway, Sway, Sway, Sway, Recover Weight and Turn, Step
12&R half turn and LF back(1) and RF sweep back, RF cross behind LF(2), LF L(&)
3&4&RF rock cross LF(3), recover(&), RF forward(4), R quarter turn and LF L(&)
56&Sway R(5), sway L(6), sway R(7)
78&Sway L(7) with body twist L , R quarter turn and weight to RF(8), LF forward(&) and R half turn for next step (12:00)

S3: Pivot Turn and Walk, Walk, Walk, Rock, Recover, Cross, Scissor Step Turn, Two Step Turn
123RF Forward(1), LF forward(2), RF forward(3)
4&5LF rock L(4), recover(&), LF cross RF(5)
6&7RF R(6), LF together(&), L quarter turn and RF cross LF(7)
8&R quarter turn and LF back(8), R half turn and RF forward(&) (6:00)

S4: Walk, Cross Tap, Ball Step, Sailor Step, Cross Rock, Recover, Side, Spiral Turn, Two Step Turn
1&2RF forward(1), LF cross tap behind RF(&), hold 2
&34&L quarter turn and RF R(&), LF cross behind RF(3), RF sweep back and cross behind LF(4), LF L(&)
56&RF rock cross LF(5), recover(6), RF R(&)
78&LF forward(7), R full swivel turn on LF and RF forward(8), R quarter turn and LF L(&), R quarter turn ready for restart (9:00)

Enjoy the dance!

( 15:37:15)


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