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Let's Dance Rock'n Roll

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Improver Jive
Russibell Seoh ( Hee Sun SEO 서희선) November 2018
Rock' n Roll is King by E.L.O
Intro : 32 Counts

Sec 1. R Chasse, L Rock Back , R Recover, L Chasse 1/4 R Turn To L , R Chasse
1&2 34R Chasse , L Back Rock Recover ( Fallaway Position )
5&6 7&8L Chasse1/4 turn To R( Facing 3:00), R Chasse.

Sec 2. L Toe Heel Cross Hold, R Toe Heel Cross Hold (option Toe Kick Cross Hold )
1234Touch L Toe Next to R (Swivel RF to Right ),Touch L heel To left Side (Swivel RF To L) , L Cross In front of R ( Swivel RF to R). Hold
5678Touch R Toe Next to L (Swivel LF To L), Touch R Heel To R Side(Swivel LF to R)R Cross In Front Of L ( Swivel LF TO L) Hold

Sec 3. L side Press Knee Pop out, hold, R Press Knee Pop Out hold , 1/2Turn To L knee Pop LRLR
1 2Press L to left Side (Bending L Knee Outward), Hold
3 4Press R to right Side( Bending R Knee Outward) ,Hold
56781/8 Turn To L Press L to L Side , 1/8Turn To L Press R to R Side Ⅹ2 ( 9 :00) (In the same way)

Sec 4. Syncopated Jazz box
1234Touch L Toe Cross In front of R , L Heel down , Touch R Toe Back , R Heel down
5678Touch L Toe To L Side , L Heel down, Touch R Toe cross L , R heel down
****** Restart *****
Wall 3 & Wall 6 + Tag ( 4 Counts)
On Wall 3 & Wall 6 , dance up to count 32 and add tag before commencing from beginning

Sec 5 . L Kick, Together, R kick Together, L Cross Kick, Side KIck ,Behind Touch , Side Kick
1234Kick L Fwd , Replace L next To R, Kick R Fwd ,Replace R Next To L
5678Kick L Across R, Kick L To L Side , Touch L Behind R, Kick L Side To L.

Sec 6. L Sailor, R Sailor, L Stomp Hold, Twist Both Heels R L
1&2L Sweep & Ball Step Behind R , R Ball beside L , Step L To L Side( Ball Ball Flat)
3&4R Sweep & Ball Step Behind L, L Ball Beside R, Step R To R SIde( Ball Ball Flat)
5678L Stomp, Hold, Heels Twist R L

Sec 7. R Kick 1/4 Turn To L .Together, L Kick Together, R Cross & side Kick Behind Touch, Side Kick
1234Kick R Fwd 1/4 Turn To L (6:00), Replace R Next To L, Kick L Fwd , Replace L Next To R.
5678Kick R Across L , Kick R Side To R , Touch R Behind L , Kick R Side To R .

Sec 8. R Sailor, L Sailor, (R Behind Touch, Side Kick )Ⅹ 2
1&2R Sweep & Ball Step Behind L , L Ball Beside R , R To R Side ( Ball Ball Flat )
3&4L Sweep &Ball Step Behind R , R Ball Beside L, L To L Side( Ball Ball Flat)
5678Touch R Behind L , Kick R To R Side, Touch R Behind L , Kick R To R Side .

*****Restart & Tag ( 4 Count )

On Wall 3 (9:00) Wall 6 (3:00) After 32 Count , Add Tag 4 Counts.
Wall 4 Restart Facing 6 :00
Wall 7 Restart Facing 12 :00

Tag is
1-4L Stomp 1/4 Turn To L(1) ,Hold(2) , Heels Twist R, L (3,4)

On Wall 8 , If the music stops, Dancing continues.
Have A Good Time !!

Last Update – 14th Nov. 2018


Hann21921 November 13, 2018
Truly a cute fabulous dance showing lots of vitality. The song is uplifting. Thumbs up!!

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