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Let's Make Up

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Tina Argyle (UK) - January 2020
Make Up by Travis Collins - single download
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Count In : 16 counts from the very start of track

Basic NC Step. Side, Behind ¼ Turn. Step ½ Pivot Turn. Walk R then L
1,2&Take long step R to right side, rock L behind R, Recover
3,4&Take long step L to left side, cross R behind L, make ¼ turn left stepping fwd L (9 o’clock)
5 -6Step fwd R, make ½ pivot turn left onto L (3 o’clock)
7 -8Walk fwd R then L slightly (crossing over as you do so)

Rock Forward, Rock Side, Behind Side Cross. Step Tap, Step Kick, Behind Side Cross
1&Rock fwd R recover onto L
2&Rock R to right side recover onto L
3&4Cross R behind L, step L to left side, cross R over L
5&Step L to left side, tap R At side of L
6&Step R to right side, kick L to left diagonal
7&8Cross L behind R, step R to right side, cross L over R
*** Re Start here during Wall 4 facing 6 o’clock ***

Ball Step, Cross Rock Recover, Ball Step, Cross Rock Recover
&1-2Step R at side of L, cross rock L over R recover onto R
&3-4Step L at side of R, cross rock R over L recover onto L
&5Step R in place, step forward L
6&7Step forward R, make ½ pivot turn left onto L, step forward R (9 o’clock)
8Step L to left side taking weight with slight sway

One re start during Wall 4 at trhe end of section 2 - see note in step description above.

Many thanks to Pete Stothard for the heads up on this track x


Mona from Denmark February 18, 2020
Hello Tina: In the section-line... last section… the last 4 counts are not mentioned…. some words probably falled out... LOL.... hugs from Mona in Denmark

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