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Let's Take a Walk

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Junior Willis (USA) & Scott Schrank (USA) - January 2009
Let's Take a Walk - Raphael Saadiq : (CD: The Way I See It)
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Intro: 24 Count Intro

(1-8) Cross, Touch, Sailor-Turn-Step-Turn-Cross, Syncopated Weave
1-2 Step left foot over right, Touch right toes right
3& Step right foot behind left making 1/4 turn right, Step left foot next to right making 1/4 right (6:00)
4 Step right foot forward
5&6 Step left foot forward, Pivot 1/4 turn right on balls of feet, Cross left foot over right (9:00)
7&8& Step right foot right, Step left behind right, Step right foot right, Step left foot over right

(9-16) Point, Behind, Rock & Cross,Turn-Turn-Step, Rock Forward & Back &
1-2 Point right toes right, Touch right toes behind left
3&4 Rock right foot right, Recover weight to left foot, Step right foot over left
5&6 Step left foot back making 1/4 turn right, Make 1/4 turn right on ball of left stepping forward on right, Step left foot forward (3:00)
7&8& Rock forward on right, Recover weight to left, Rock back on right, recover weight to left

(17-24) Step, Hip Turn, Sailor Step-Touch-Slide, Touch, Step-Lock-Step
1-2 Step forward right, While making 1/4 turn to the left, push hips over right than back left (Weight the left foot) (12:00)
3&4& Step right foot behind left, Step left foot left, Step right foot right, Touch left toes next to right
5-6 Step left foot left, Slide right foot slowly next to left touching right toes to left instep
7&8 Step right foot forward, Lock left foot behind right, Step right foot forward

(24-32) Press, Turn, Sailor Step, Pivot-Turn-Step, Side Rock, Cross & (Cross)
&1-2 Brush left toe forward, Press left toes forward bring weight over left, Push off with the left sweeping 1/4 turn left (9:00)
3&4 Step left foot back behind right, Step right foot next to left, Step left foot forward
5&6 Step right foot forward, Make 1/2 turn left on balls of feet, Step right foot forward (3:00)
7&8& Rock left foot left, recover weight to right, Step left over right, Step right foot slightly right

(The next cross is count 1 of the dance)

Start Dance Again, And Enjoy

Junior Willis / WWW.JuniorWillis.Com
Scott Schrank / WWW.ScottSchrank.Com


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