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Letters to Ghosts

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Rex Chuan – August 2018
"Letters to Ghosts" by Lucie Silvas
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S1:Walk, Samba Turn, Samba, Weave&Turn, Cross
1 2&3RF forward(1), LF(2), L quarter turn and RF R(&), LF L(3) (9:00)
4&5RF cross over LF(4), LF L(&), RF R(5)
6&7LF cross over RF(6), L quarter turn and RF R(&), LF backward and sweep RF back(7) (6:00)
8&RF land across under LF(8), LF L(&)

S2: Cross, Heel Jack, Walk Walk, Cross, Heel Jack, Cross, Pivot Turn, Stomp
1&2&RF cross over LF(1), LF L(&), RF tap heel diagonally(2), RF in place(&)
3 4R 1/8 turn and LF forward(3), RF forward(4) (7:30)
5&6&LF cross over RF(5), L 1/8 turn and RF R(&), LF tap heel diagonally(6), LF in place(&) (6:00)
7 8&RF cross over LF(7), LF L(8), pivot quarter turn R and stomp RF(&) (9:00)

S3: Knee Pop X2, Dorothy Step, Forward, Flick&Forward, Flick&Backward X2
1&2&Hold(1), pop R knee(&), RF in place(2), pop R knee(&)
34&1/8 R turn and RF forward(3), LF step behind RF(4), RF forward(&) (10:30)
5&6&7&8LF forward(5), RF flick(&) and forward(6), RF flick(&) and backward(7), LF flick(7) and backward(8)

S4: Hitch, Back Tap, Pivot Turn, Step, Tap, Rock Pivot Turn
&1 2 3 4RF hitch(&), RF tap backward(1), hold(2), slowly pivot R half turn(34), (4:30)
5&6 7LF forward(5), RF tap behind LF(&), RF rock back(6), Recover on LF(7)
8&RF forward(8), pivot L half turn and LF forward(&) (10:30)

S5: Diagonal Side&Together X3, Forward, Pivot Turn Step
1 - 6RF step diagonally (1), LF together (2), LF step diagonally (3), RF together (4), RF step diagonally (5), LF together(6)
7 8&LF forward(7), RF forward(8), pivot ⅜ turn L and LF forward(&) (6:00)

S6: Cross&Point X2, Cross, Turn&Back, Sailor Step
1-4RF cross over LF(1), LF point R(2), LF cross over RF(3), RF point R (4)
5 6 7&8&RF cross over LF(5), R quarter turn and LF backward(6), RF cross under LF(7), LF L(&), RF forward (8), LF ball in place(&)

Restart 1: After 32ct of the third wall restart facing 3:00

Restart 2: After 32ct of the sixth wall restart facing 6:00

Ending: At the 48ct of the last wall, facing 3:00, turn left to face 12:00 and pose.

Enjoy the dance!



Tina M. September 1, 2018
Very cute dance! Well done, clear videos. Rex Chuan is a very creative choreographer!

Rexy Chisy September 2, 2018
Thx for the nice words, Tina!

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